Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baroue Arcade

I received an email of the winners of Baroue Tekken 6 December tournament, it seemed the tournament will be held every month, and there is no guarantee they will bring street fighter IV to Kuwait.

I really dunno how to play arcade games since there is no street fighter, Tekken is more of a console game than arcade, so I guess we have to wait until somehow they release both of the games on PlayStation 3.

meanwhile, there is no good games release this month or next, so not much of releases :/

My name is Ahmed

here is FAWAZ's Email the 2nd place of Tekken 6 tournament

There were 6 people in the tournamant. The Champion was Yousef Al-Enize and the Runner Up was Fawaz Al-Fayez (me). I don't have any pictures from the tournament, though.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

why didn't you do

I so much hate this line, the repeated ignorance of asking a question that builds no help whatsoever just boiling the blood, if your a person would say "why didn't you do" your an asshole, seriously even if the action based on care, you have no idea how that line just totally pissed those who you tell them.

in life people don't have the luxury or options of others, those people will try to struggle living their life, you don't go and say something totally useless, and just stupid.

anyway, if you feel you want to help, if you can't help don't give others pressure, don't sink them anymore, the very least you could do is just taken them out, have fun, and just let them enjoy their time.

Monday, December 29, 2008


I only knew what happened through blogs, and it is pissing off, i knew Obama is going to be worst than Bush and it was too fast to get results, even before he started.

so, you have no idea what will happen next, and let say you can kiss peaceful days goodbye.

i don't like politics, but this isn't politics, this is massacre.

when there is darkness, there is also light.

even if the night lasts long, the sun will raise.

tomato soup, grilled cheese and main curse with steam veges

Alghay9er (Caesar), the Indian Restaurant.

So many people won't understand that ingredients does not make best food, that's why I love the tomato soup, even though so many would just find it odd, because they'll just remember the disgusting taste of soup that when they tried the tomato juice once, while actually it is delicious, 10/10 for the soup.

We didn't order much starters, just a grilled cheese, as you can see the spoon holding one cheese, you should order one for each person, and the sauce is just mind-blasting! also deserve 10/10

the main curse, I never liked most of main curse but I fond a way to one a bit better, ordering the mix meat, which contain shrimp and meat, each one cooked on it's own way, exchange the french frieze for steam vegetable and put cheese on top, I give this 7.1/10

I went there twice last week, and almost had it 3 times in a raw except I declined it, love the soup.


This forum i joined, spread out the word.

best thing about the forum, you can post information, or post no information, just play around and have fun. No one will ban you for enjoying yourself, or force you to post something useful so he can attract more users with information you displayed.

just friends, not much rules, just avoid religious debates, and act like adult.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The sad true

Finally my brain function perfectly, that and my BP is stable, as long as there is nothing dramatic, since it function good, I can say egotistic that I can actually think ahead, almost read mind, and just narrow down the situation easily.

but the sad truth despite how smart we can get, we can never achieve our goal, actually some part of situations that we face sometimes, we unable to actually beat it, we surrender to it, although we keep trying to struggle go against it, but in the end, things can never go as we please, even if we have our differences, our background, we face problems, stuff that we cannot handle, even if you asked for help, none can help you, you set there hoping that one day all these problems would just go away, or slowly fade.

while actually all we need to do, is put away our ego, and just be optimistic, even although I got to admit, I don't believe there is good in this world even there is, and I really hate optimistic although I act like one but not in the heart.

however in a different none self-centered view, have you ever seen the less fortunate than you, people who are suffering deeper than what you do, of course a self centered would say "they dunno the pain I'm going through!", well that because you don't feel others pain, therefore you wouldn't understand, that others are suffering even greater than you do.

"The light at the end of the tunnel is not illusion .. the tunnel is!" took this famous quote for example

and this quote has tremendous meaning behind it, that the solution to the problems exists, and if you keep walking you'll get to the light, but been consumed by the problems creates an illusion tunnel that narrows your path, making it crowded and hard to walk on, tiring you so fast.

so the sad true
no matter how smart you are you can't fix the problems you suffering. However don't beat yourself over it.

remember, your life sucks, don't make it sucks even more. ;)

p.s. this works also for politics conflicts and stuff (not seen others problems, waiting for yours to go away)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice - poem

trapped inside ice I am, my body give up fighting long time ago, a blur image of a person appears in front of me, a sudden warm feeling in my heart from happiness, the blurry person seemed to be concerned of my condition, as the warm feelings grow, the ice suddenly melts, as the image becomes less blurry, I seen an angel behind the ice, my eyes pouring with warm tears, that I finally fond the one noticed me trapped in this ice.

no electricity so went out for coffee cafe at Avenous, returned and now staying with friends.

Gay means happy

way back before the word gay was referred to homosexual, the true meaning of gay is happy, don't believe me? just check the British dictionary they still use that word but not in American's meaning.

you still won't believe me that few years ago gay means happy in America! just like how gay means happy in Britain now, watch this youtube song!!

I feel pretty! oh so pretty!
i feel pretty and wetty and...... GAY!!!
and i pity any girl who isn't me tonight

this same song was sang by Adam Sandler in Anger Manegment, lol enjoy!

so I'm not making up things, gay means happy! not homosexually only ignorant would say "does that mean lesbian means sad?" no but it's ancient island called lesbos! i swear not making it up! check the British dictionary

it's okay to be gay! (happy) LOL!!! British meaning that is!

edit: if you go to Britain, they won't recognize the American words.
I want the whole wide world start using gay for original meaning, will be hilarious :D

guy: hello friend!
guy2: hi!! how do you feel?
guy: as gay as ever! since i got new born
guy2: hope his life be gay!
guy: yeah i hope so, btw gay holiday to u!
guys2: gay holiday to u2!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

all of you forbidden!

all of you forbidden to watch Little Britain USA! because it is not suit for under 26

thanks to this show my BP is down!! ^_^

laughter best medicine

edit: some scenes i can't handle to watch! lol

astagfer allah

la ilah ila allah mohamed rasool allah, la hawla wala gowah ila bilah.

ina lilah wa ina ileh raje3oon

allah yehdy aljamee3, amen

I see so many muslims yeshrakooon billah at this moment, unaware of what they say, oh well ely yehsrak billah i should write them down, so i won't befriend with them.

anyway, I took a shower and dressed up, us BP should stick together, because we understand how the other feels, like me and my blog-sister p.anonymous.
she is more like a sister than a friend, now I'll head to hospital to my doctor at ameery hospital, and take my meds, last time I was there I ripped the meds chart because they didn't give me my meds without doctor signature, which the chart had it! but my doctor kinda was traveling.

you can pre-order Street Fighter IV now and Resident Evil 5 and White Knight Chronicles is available for Japanese region only.

shit my BP is up, guess i can't go to rehab.

I got no meds, no nothing, screw them!! i have to wait another two weeks, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How I gotten into blogging?

Actually, I've been using an old version of blogging, it was called livejournal, way back in 2001, so I'm not new one bit, same features, same idea, same person post and others comment, everything is just the same, only different few benefits and changes on both no need to mention.

so, unless you been doing it before 2001 I AM YOUR SENOR! i started then, however how I start grumpy blog? ;p

i completely forgotten *proud*

this is one of blogs I made evil-Ahmed I was so young full of world destruction dreams ;_; this isn't oldest blog I have, i'm pretty sure of it.

I never started 'blog' even if I had an account, I kept using livejournal for a while, even when I open grumpy I had no idea about safat kuwait blogs, Q8GEEK told me to apply, LATER i realize what it was.

i remember, the reason i put blog, i miss writting my thoughts so much...

and vollia , dats how i start


This is just pissing me off, I went to the doctor he gave me some pills and told me to make appointment which it was way till February, THE PILLS he gave me were a joke pills, seriously that's not to give for a guy walking has Severe hypertension!

i went to the clinic to open a file since better than driving all way to ameery hospital

me: the appointment will take 2 month
doctor: take the pills (the ones will finish after two weeks)
doctor: and come later on appointment
me: but these are not the pills for BP
doctor: how do you know?
me: cause i took two kind of pills
doctor: you said I never took pills for BP (which i never said it)
me: nope, never said that, you haven't asked me
doctor: you said it when I asked you! (obviously a lie)
me: can't ya give me pills for BP until the appointment?
doctor: i gave you the pills
me: .... (that doctor is nuts)

THIS IS A JOKE! so I left, two days from now I'll head to the ameery hospital, the only good thing came out of this that they unleash my anger so all my thoughts focus on them, which lowered my BP a little.

and what is the deal with dentist I told him to clean he done half job and stopped after I bleed, and was like nervous "doctor this lethah gotten bigger" and he replays "it was like that before" A FREAKING LIE!

yknow what is odd, if you go to two doctors tell them what's wrong with ya, each will give you different type of pills, you hold these pills and ask yourself "which one of them is right?"

there is two reasons for that happen
A. same meds, different products one bit higher quality than other
B. different meds each doctor thought of something else


so i need a pill for BP? okay, keep yours, I'll order mine.

I'm going to change, head to work, take the next two days off, and rest up.

if you saw Kuwait in stone age after ten years don't be surprised

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Resident Evil 5 Demo I played

So, guess what? I got RE5 Demo, yup, the graphic is just amazing, Chris is all muscled and buffed up, heck you can see his vain! whoever said RE5 sucks must be crazy, I mean from what I just gotten, this is a MGS4 game level.

The game is tough, you can't evade while you play easily, so require skill to play, and the pushing menu button cannot pause the game temperately so you cannot inject your health easily, and require kinda really quick act.

I suggest planting 'evade' and 'stop! let me go in menu to take health or change weapon!', although may not be realistic, but come on, screw it, not everyone are hardcores gamers!

This game is for me, don't need evade, just need the damn stop let me check menu, just that, cause I'm really lazy to act fast, and i'm used to old classic way.

like I said, violence, blood, damages, great graphic, now left us the story, so we will see.

a co-equal level to Metal Gear Solid 4, although when game release we can judge it completely, of course the term of graphic MGS4 is better, but in term of everything else we will see.

Resident Evil 5 is for extreme hardcores

don't miss Chris uppercut! alkaizer :p die in hell! i played the demo :D
I'll give ya the demo at the weekend when we go to mees el ghanem ;p


some wonder about the image I post about a doll, specially the girls, they seemed to like it, well it's called Dollfie and it's not average doll, and owners are adults and mostly sold in japan, around 200-250k.d with few equipments, some raise up to 1000k.d, these Dolfie are for rich collectors, who love to collect, but they play with the dolls....seriously they do... I picked this youtube clip to show you small documentary about Dolfies


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oil is around $40

The oil price drop, but the overprice in Kuwait hasn't, up until now they used the excuse of priced oil to jack up the price, but since the oil isn't that expensive, will the prices in Kuwait drops? or will remain same even though their excuse is just gone.

as you can see, prices of oil has drop, and dollar has raised a bit.

which is why it was announce that OPEC cuts oil output by 2.2 million barrels a day trying to make price stays at $80.

SNL - Dear Sister Parody

I fond the name of this song, "Hide and Seek By Imogen Heap" sadly I can't post the youtube song here, but you can click on hyperlink to hear it on youtube, anyway check out her song in Dear Sister, i kinda like that part in the song the most.

i like this part

Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmm that you only meant well?
well of course you did
Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmmm that it's all for the best?
Of course it is
Mmmm whatcha say?
Mmmm that it's just what we need
you decided this
whatcha say?
Mmmm what did you say?

ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs

(hide and seek)
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit,
you don't care a (you don't care a) bit

(hide and seek)
oh no, you don't care a bit
oh no, you don't care a bit

(hide and seek)
oh no, you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cable Damaged by submarine

you notice the internet kinda slow today? well check this out! again another cable problem thanks to submarine make so many telephone and internet offline, i post news here.

Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Internet and telephone communications between the Middle East and Europe were disrupted by submarine cable failures between Italy and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea.

The failures cut the flow of ``data of various kinds'' between Europe and the Middle East, and there's no timeframe for when communications will be restored, said Sanjeev Gaur, director of assurance at Mumbai-based Reliance Globalcom Ltd.

Three submarine cable systems linking Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe are affected, according to Reliance and Melbourne-based Telstra Corp. The cables run from Alexandria in northern Egypt to southern Italy. In January, two cable systems were severed by an anchor 8.3 kilometers (5.2 miles) from Alexandria beach after bad weather conditions forced ships to moor off the coast.

``Customer services and some mobile-phone customers'' at Vodafone Group Plc's Egyptian unit are affected by the cable failure, said Simon Gordon, a spokesman for the U.K. company. Egypt is the only country where the company is aware of any problems linked to the failure, he said. Most mobile-phone calls are routed through fixed-line cables at some point.

Portugal Telecom SGPS SA, Portugal's biggest phone company, has redirected traffic through other cables in the region and therefore the ``impact is very small,'' said a company official.

Alexandria Link

A fault is affecting the SMW4 cable near the Alexandria cable station, the FLAG FEA cable is down and the SMW3 cable system is also affected, according to information received from Telstra. Flag Telecom Group Ltd., a Reliance Globalcom unit, operates FLAG FEA and the other cables are owned by groups of phone companies across the regions.

Mark Heraghty, senior vice president responsible for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Flag Telecom, declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg News.

Reliance Globalcom doesn't know exactly what happened and engineers are working on the problem, said Anurag Joshi, head of the company's global network operations center.

The SMW4 cable, also known as SEA-ME-WE 4 or South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 cable network, connects 12 countries including Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy and France.

news link


lol, i hate been admin, so i removed it!

I don't want to have pressure and be admin of place and I hardly have time for my own, so the forum been removed, and it kinda make my BP goes up, guess bad for health.

but hey, i learned how to make a forum, i'm such a genius! i made forum w/o any back knowledge, and they say it's hard to make forums, well it's piece a cake.

I prefer been member over admin, therefore I'll be join Q8GEEK forum, he has been around here for a while, so I guess been at his forum would be better idea.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

at dewaniya

My friends came and pick me up, got a call from games, fatman, me crooger, nana cube, went there, we are like chatting having fun, enjoying our time, playing video games, lol over 12 people around, which is very good, last time i came to same dewaniya was like over 25 person.

i'm showing them beat skip, the chicken scene, really hilarious.

thanks to my friends, i feel kinda better, still would have my BP goes up if i get stressed, i'm gonna enjoy my time here, and tomorrow with doomsday and alkaizer my group, and might as well hang on saturday with in none-games dewaniya x.x

I'm going to hospital

It seemed I can't control my blood pressure anymore, although I stopped eating meds, people will say "no eat your meds", well I believe I can control my blood pressure, when I control my own emotions.

over six month I been doing okay, it's very good method to use and natural, now I can't control it, it is has reach sky high, I cannot sleep, my head feels like exploding, I'll head to the hospital now, hopefully I'd be hospitalized for two hours and then head back home.

I'll probably go today back to my doctor once this settle down when it's 9 pm to get my meds, and before that go to dentist, the cold air just make my tooth hurts like a bitch and it has been two weeks since it hasn't gone away.

i can't wake my brother to drive me to hospital now, that will my family kinda freak out, i'll do it silently and without their knowledge.

they give me a med, and wait two hours then check my pressure see if it was okay or not, if not I'll stay more, if okay I'll head back home.

Blood Pressure 186/100 went to doctor three times, went nurse two times took some meds and shot, second time was 156/104, and third after rest and some meds it was 146/90.

I went from Severe hypertension to Moderate hypertension to Mild hypertension, and there is high normal, and normal.

any small stress will make my BP goes up, so be gentle on me please >.<

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[PSP] Dissidia: Final Fantasy RELEASE

tomorrow is official release date, you can order it from play-asia of course so many will download it instead, it's fighting game, where you play characters of Final Fantasy series, and here a trailer.

USA Release Date: June 30, 2009

Tekken 5 Arcade Stick on PS3

One of my friend crooger wanted an Arcade joystick that works on PS3, he has PlayStation controller converter to USB

It works perfectly on the PlayStation 3, it is very big, even bigger than xbox 360 this arcade controller, my friend is an arcade fan, prefer playing street fighter on arcade, so he is currently enjoying playing Super street fighter II HD remix

crooger give this arcade 10/10

Internet Drama

Internet Drama, if you dunno the meaning then your not old enough or haven't experienced it, due to fact that internet is widely open, and people can show their true face known they won't be harmed and will continue to do unpleasant stuff to others, they can't be stopped unless you know how to hack one and make him regret it.

If you hit by internet drama, then know it is only boils your blood, where nothing good comes from it, for example I been hit by Internet Drama in Tupd4rk, let me show you something, you'll enjoy reading, now see how I react, and write notes, isn't it funny, how I made the whole conflict happens, into amusing reading and educational about internet drama.

I find this blog post about -> Internet Drama <-you'll understand it.

in the end best thing is just walk away and leave, without doing anything because internet drama is just waste time, I've seen many and experienced it, last one was like 2001 or so

The post seemed very long entries I want to make it short, since hyperlink hide contains doesn't work in blog, I moved it in old post so only you can read when you click on tupd4rk drama.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to be a hardcore gamer

A motto my friends pick as a joke "Never give up, never lose to despair, I will clean the ring from all evil!" from Tiger Mask II in Arabic dub, the main idea of that is never to give up, and keep trying.

there are many ways to learn, so many uses

there is walkthrough for games in that site, making it easier, of course, a hardcore will never use it, but some games like versus or soccer, where you challenge your friend, hardcores check for tips and hidden moves and combo.

you can view other players playing a certain game, and you can learn from observing them.

so my methods are simple
play the game on easy mode, then each time you play it go level harder, first you observe the whole game, second you memorize it and play it, third time you got used to it, and know every single detail, fourth time you are confident about it.

a hardcore will play hard and above, my method kinda makes you see the story first then enjoy finish it on every level.

for a hardcore you have to put your pride on line, as if it was matter of life and death, where the adrenaline flows your vain and make you act quickly, yet you have to accept defeat and won't be pissed off, it's just a game.

keep in mind that no matter how good you get in any game, there is someone always better than you, which is why you need a rival, or find someone to set as goal and try your best to reach his level.

if you got tips of how to be hardcore gamer, post it

Video Games for GIRLS

A girl asked me, I should mention a game good for girls, other than Singstar, I'm not pretty sure what games girls like, but I suggest Little Big Planet, a very cute design game, more about creative than video game, where you can create your own level, or play others, all girls around the world love Little Big Planet, and many guys do, but I don't like it one bit.

Check these youtube clips

There is also Heavenly Sword and Tom Rider, but these games kinda action but main hero is female, and girls prefer something cute, there is currently RPG called Eternal Sonata and valkyria chronicles, if girls love RPG then i suggest them, because character design is very cute.

Eternal Sonata

Valkyria Chronicles

Of course there is also Mirror's edge, where you play a girl and all you do is running, guess that's very good practice to run away from bad guys :p

PSN HOME, yup this is like Second Life, for girls who love Sim2, this is the game for them, where you just play around dressing up, having your own apartment change furnishings and clothes, if you love dressing a doll and stuff, I guess HOME is the game for you.

very good, where you and your boyfriend can go play chess, Pool, Bowling, and so on from mini games, or set enjoy chatting, and can use mic if you desire

check this funny video of home dance

many girls prefer wii, and wii fit ;p

Monday, December 15, 2008


you need an account that when you login there is PSN STORE, not when you click on store you get "there is no store for your region" which means, make USA account!

in PlayStation HOME, it has couple of servers, in each server there is huge amount of mini-servers, so you and your friend might be in one server but actually in different mini-server, even if you were in the same spot, you won't see him.

in HOME you can have up to 16 different look, save it, and load which look at time you desire.

there are three worlds, HOME, Far Cry 2, Uncharted, you can only go from one place to another through the menu (push start button) then location, then world.

HOME: has plaza, bowling alley, apartment, mall, and theater.

Far Cry 2: has a room and train station stop.

Uncharted: has Sully's bar and three doors won't open without passwords which are
1. 1024 -> 1577383 (door downstairs)
2. 24312 (door upstairs)
3. 41675 (door upstairs)

you can also join to 'club' will be a room that gathers people all around the servers to one spot, which is very cool, there is already Kuwait club, and TopDark Club, just search for it in club section in Menu, and apply to join.

as for Mini Games, and free gifts, well.

bowling alley:
POOL (belyardo)

Echochrome (echochrome costume prize)
Carriage return
ice breaker (a hat prize)

Central plaza
Saucer Pop (in middle 3nd nafoora)
Listen@Home (not game just music)

Chess Game

Uncharted(TM): Sully's bar
Mercenary Madness (you get one of the passwords no free items)

Far Cry 2 (TM): Train Station

comparing HOME to 360 experience and Wii Avatar, you must be joking, 360 experience sucks even more, and Wii avatar is just the WORST.

so, home sucks less than 360 experience and wii avatar.

and my bro has girlfriend there >.>

he meet her couple of days ago

p.s. picture not related to topic

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today... no... luck

last year, there was this girl who kept peaking at me, when she open her mouth and talked, i lost interests in her, this year so many cute girls at work, but they all children, yeah CHILDREN! i don't give a damn if she was 24 she still a child in my eye.

I wouldn't care less for these stuff if it weren't for this empty feeling that kept bugging me, due to my lack of understanding of emotions, i asked around, it seemed this 'empty' feelings comes from been single.

it's hard to breathe, i guess i should find something to be addictive in so i will be too busy to even think about it, it's easier than finding some special girl, because I'm terrified of relationships, yeah I'm scared of relationships, is there a problem with that?

some guys have it on marriage, i have it on relationship >.>

Christmas In Christianty

The Celebration of Christmas is actually the celebration of his (Prophet) Jesus birth, however it isn't accurate, (if you want to argue about date is accurate check Wikipedia!)

So, they take a month, putting decoration, and people go crazy in malls, where everyone suppose to buy presents (except for the poor and cheap ass), that when they have this 'black Friday' for sale.

So, they celebrate the birth of 'god' or 'son of god' depends on which sect they belong too, they make songs and re-act of god's birth or son of god's birth, and imaginary story about man name Santa, although the Santa been said represent the three wise men who want to see the 'god' or 'son of the god'

sadly, we in Islam can't even say 'happy Christmas' due to the fact it has conflict with teaching and number ONE principle "MAKE NO PARTNERS WITH GOD", participating in Christmas is an accepting to god has a son, or he is god.

for Christians around here, please be open minded and understandable when I say, all I could tell you guys for 'Christmas' is....


and may unlimited numbers of people convert and keep converting to islam ^_^


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Final Fantasy 13 trailer

Final Fantasy VERSUS 13 trailer

Friday, December 12, 2008

screw home

i didn't enjoy home one bit, the place is just so small, and every person in like different server than you are, you have to warp to be near them, which they won't show u the servers, and i haven't even checked my apartment, so what am I suppose to do with so less options, is that freaking 2 years of delays for nothing but apartment, movie, bawling ball, and mall, heck, why can't they put towns, roads, space, i don't enjoy setting in one place same view over and over again.

I rather go play Final Fantasy Online, at least I can choose my clothes, I can set down at snow area, just chatting with my friends, I can even go to desert place, or at beach, or just to be alone away from others, I can simply sit in sea, or sky, it would of been fun.

home need a freaking huge area, or should just drop dead.

and faster loading!

in FFXI i warp and takes me 10 seconds 20 second if I'm lagged from area to another, and each are is like huge, and home is just small, why take long for loading!

home is fun, home beta isn't

btw, xbox experience sucks even more, and wii avatar is the worst.
so, home beta better than others, but not enough


A HOME icon appeared in the ps3, it seemed the server down or something, I cannot get in home, or even started, so i decided to sleep, and wait until tomorrow, i bet so many is having troubles with it, since it just open and so many people is downloading it or something.

so, tomorrow, i might sign in home, after i sign it, i'll return and play CoD5, anyway lately i am bothered....

I have this feeling keeps bothering me, my life is empty, it just grows bigger, i don't understand why, but i feel like i have nothing, living an empty life, i hope this annoying feeling goes away, because it is bothering me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Black Hole At Center of Milky Was confirmed

wow check this out, there is Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way!

Observations were made using the 3.5m New Technology Telescope and the 8.2m Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. Both are operated by the European Southern Obsevatory (Eso).

Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*): The supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Want to try linux?

Fencer Darkwind is currently has open a blog, for Linux news and guides, which will help you learn how work in Linux with simple steps, like installing a program or show chain of commands, if you want a privacy, no Trojans, no viruses, no need for formate your computer every now and then.

for starters I recommend having two partitions one for Windows/Mac and other for Linux, you can use a duel operating systems, no need to start very strong like replacing your operating system.

dunno when he starts, but if you have sharpreader you can subscript in his blog, and wait for him to start, if your happens to be a Linux user and happen to like the idea of teaching many people to use Linux, then contact him.

quick news:
no new releases for video games.
PSN HOME on 11th December.
Tekken 6 possible release on December.
Baroue tekken 6 tournament is at 12th December.
Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS released.
Dragon Quest X will release on wii soon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

apologize ;p

i apologize for all people (specially girls) i scared with my little prank ;p

as apology I leave ya with cute funny and cuddle cats!

it's kinda if i do something bad, i try make up for others.

oh my god.... this video the most,,,

I come across this video on youtube, which I find very emotional and heartbreaking, words cannot describe it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I am Heart

I breathe slowly under a heavy rain, down on my knees bleeding, wounds all over my body, can't left my hands, tears comes from my eyes, as feeling of despair grows inside me, like a beast been unleashed, the only image I see, is a girl in white dress, smiling towards me, suddenly the tears pouring, I then realized and cried, i kept crying and crying, screaming from deepest of my lunges, from a mile sounds like thunder, all I need is to lift my hands and hug her, words won't come from my mouth.

she vanishes, leaving me alone in dead grass around it field full of daffodils, the tears stops, emotionless, soundless as my voice is gone, only a stare that shows lifeless statues, thoughtless, I wait alone there like a stone, in the field, seven years passed, and I'm still alive inside the rock, same spot, on my knees, hoping one day an angel to pass by reaches her hand and help me stand.

Eidkum mubarak

who is the heartless the people who kill animal to feed the poor people, or people who wants to stop them from killing animals so that meat that won't go to poor people.

just think, are you heartless?

millions of animals been slaughtered all around the world to sell for company, so when it sent for free, you go against it, is it because a muslim Eid, you go there and say "heartless".

heartless to feed the poor? heartless to make a child smile? heartless to make one in need, needless for small amount of time?

happy Eid ya'll! ^_^

remember, help the poor, YOU CHEAP ASS!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Google Operating System

Computerized has brought you this news!

What is gOS 3 Gadgets?

gOS 3 Gadgets instantly launches Google Gadgets for Linux on startup, introducing over 100,000 possible iGoogle and Google Gadgets to the desktop.

Google Documents, Calendar, and Mail launch in Mozilla Prism windows to closer resemble desktop applications.

The newest release of WINE 1.0 is included to now support thousands of Windows software for our advanced users.

gOS 3 Gadgets is based on the solid Linux distribution base of Ubuntu 8.04.1.

also there is another version of gOS called ( gOS 3 Space ) which include all MySpace stuff

Below some screenshots about gOS

خدمة تأجير الألعاب في الكويت بدأت

this information is by caveman007

قبل كم يوم تم افتتاح موقع كاكوي لتأجير الألعاب, فكرته جميله وبسيطه مثل موقع جيم فلاي في امريكا. بس تدفع اشتراك شهري وتقدر تأجر الألعاب على كيفك, والتوصيل لبيتك, صاحب الموقع صاحبي ووده يسوي شيئ يديد في السوق الكويتي واتمنى له التوفيق...على فكره صاحب المشروع عضو في المنتدى

check the site,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

selling my viva line

i guess i am selling it, great number, if interested, replay, but make sure you transfer line to your name after one month, when it is possible.

post your price and 'phone' will remain screened, highest bidder get it,

reason of selling it, no reason at all, i just don't need it.

Resident Evil Degeneration

This isn't an AMERICAN MOVIE, it's CG movie made by capcom which is cool, it has been released DVD and blu-ray you can order it from amazon or play-asia, for the extra features! or just download it to see movie alone, it's fun where you see Clare Redfield and Leon S kennedy once again since Resident Evil 2 which would be 10 years for a sequel of Leon and Clare, of course Leon appeared in Resident Evil 4, but together been like 10 years.
Unlike the previous Resident Evil film trilogy, Degeneration is set within the same universe as the original video games. The teaser included with the Resident Evil: Extinction DVD and Blu-ray Disc confirmed the appearance of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The film made its premiere in Japan on October 11, 2008 at the Tokyo Game Show , and was released nationwide one week later on October 18. The DVD and Blu-ray releases are slated for December 17, 2008 in Japan and December 27, 2008 in North America.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gather together! at Mees el Ghanem

it has been a while since the group been together, fencer darkwind joined and was shocked of conversation we had it was for him mind blown, he admits for a guy lik him he never seen group like ours, two of us can read japanese, and can play japanese video games, one of them play RPG in japanese language only, now I only play japanese from time to time, i prefer english because easier, but still i haven't reach my friend level, why? he can READ japanese...

i just love this gathering, it has been a while since we done it, due to fact everyone become bu:sy in life, anyhow we exchange small info during this process and jokes around, I just want to say that this was a blast night, and for Fencer Darkwind didn't disappointed me, he was able to follow to our conversations, except for few subject he had no idea.

I can't even compare to my friends who we met, for information i sometimes call them and ask "what is this?".

i wish i learn how to read japanese....
oh yeah i didn't get my viva line :p

Got SMS to get my VIVA number!

what should I do, should I cancel my number and take viva? or keep it?

for people who suffer in waiting line, i'll go pick it in 5 minute, i have a trick in my sleeve and i won't say how, i'll take a shower, then head there, today is friday are they even open in morning?
They said I could of taken it from there, the picture I posted is Saleel El Jahra, as you can see the deisgne is just like Red Palace (القصر الاحمر) which also exists in Jahra, most of Malls in Jahra has cultured designe which is a tourist attraction, tourist don't want to see kuwaities in jeans and polo shirt, they want to see kuwaities in their cultured uniforme, to explorer our culture, to find something interesting, weird, and none like in other continent!
which is why they love emirattes, they still hang on their culture more than us >.>

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I met this person Fencer Darkwind, he usually checks my blog, then we chatted online, afterwards we meet, spend over 5 hours having conversation with him, he recently joined TopDark through this blog, and let me tell ya, the guy love to get 100% playing any RPG, he was watched anime since 1996, and he uses linux, hates Microsoft, i mean isnt this what a friend should be!!

we can enjoy having a drink share our hatred towards Microsoft! if you said developers 3 times you get a wish >.>

i can't wait going out with him again, I might take my friend crooger to meet him too, i bet they won't stop talking about stuff.

although i wish alkaizer meet him too, i might come up with something ;p

i'll head to sleep without eating dinner ;_;

Heavy rain

Took this from kotaku, they say that this game is not like other games where you kick like karate or recharge and shoot like haduken! or omnislash! they say about real people and real life & emotions, so i'm interested to see this game! i bet girls would love it, check the youtube trailer.

Don't expect to see the heroine of Heavy Rain leaping through the air in
some abominable mash-up of Cirque du Soleil and The Matrix. The game's director tells 1UP it's simply about "normal people."David Cage, who is also president of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream says that we won't see the French equivalent of a Dragon Ball-esque karate hover battle, a la Indigo Prophecy.

"I believe it'll be much more emotionally involving, as gamers will easily relate to the situations and characters," Cage said. "In Heavy Rain, you won't be a superhero or a
gangster. You'll just be someone real." Given how good the game looked at Games
Convention (and continues to look) we might be able to settle for normal, even
if that sequence we saw won't be more than a potential bonus feature in the
final game.
Heavy Rain (PS3) [1UP source]

enjoy this Heavy Rain Trailer

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She got naked for attention!

yup, a picture better than a thousand word....

blah, that's xbox 360! you got punk'd!
how it feels be tricked? ;p


but seriously, there is a visiable cover for xbox 360 kinda looks neat!

Prince of Persia in Rehab!

For those who loves this game, should get it, but don't pay more than 17-18k.d, if you love Ninja Gaiden, God of War, Heavenly Sword, where you hold something and bully others, then this is your game!, for rates, it seemed it got good rates!

IGN 9.3 out of 10
Gameplayer 9 out of 10
GamePro 5 out of 5

for more information about review rates check gamerankings

Smiling Camel!

I fond this camel eating on the right side while I’m heading to Doha West Power Station, where there was only one tree, while the left side had so many trees, so I decided take a picture, that when the Camel look at me and smiled for picture!

This is a good sign, kuwait deserts has been dead for a while, and I hope this is a recovery from 1990, I wish Animal Rights stop telling us to eat meat, and start concern of the real damage, like a country like kuwait has no wild life, it's dead, I wish kuwaities goverment stop been a jerk and bring tons of animal food so we can raise them, so i can enjoy hunting them! :p

Monday, December 1, 2008

my accident...


I shouldn't of wrote it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008




What is your plans for next week?


FINALLY! it's here! Sweet, now we can warm up on Coal! making potato or puting chestnuts in it, then eat it :p

where you put the heater behind your legs, while setting and watching TV!

most importantly, where I can finally sleep without using the air condition, yeah sadly I've been cursed in a body that generates heat, I keep my room warm by my own body, if I workout, I'd pour water, not sweat alitte.

which is why i love winter, I only wear socks to keep my injured feet warmed, now my injured leg story is just a heart breaking story, I might write about it.

I only wear one summer shirt in winter! maybe a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt, if I wear a jacket, i'd wear it like Mafia, just put it on my shoulder.

New changes in blog

I added news gadgets, Gamez0rz, Top Selling Video Games Review, and Pac-man game

now you can check news, when you checking this blog! or even play pac-man!! and one shows you games released recently!

i recommend playing pac-man :p

other then that, i am so sleepy

PS3 GAMES release 2009

Baroue...., as for Street Fighter IV the last word about it will be around December, however there will be a mega Tekken Tournament, for those who haven't participate in the first one can join the second one, will start after two weeks

If you happen want purchase Mortal Combat v.s DC should get it PAL region, because it's uncensored! unlike NTSC region!

further more, a new PSP 2 is under development, and PSN HOME will be after my birthday 15 December, i won't say when is mine, because I don't celebrate it!.

Game Platform Genre Release Date
Prince of Persia PS3 Platformer December 2, 2008
Prince of Persia (Limited Edition) PS3 Platformer December 2, 2008
SingStar ABBA PS3 Music December 2, 2008
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer PS3 Shooter December 4, 2008
Sonic Unleashed PS3 Action December 12, 2008
Rise of the Argonauts PS3 Action RPG December 16, 2008
Lord of the Rings: Conquest, The PS3 Action January 13, 2009
50 Cent: Blood on the Sand PS3 Action January 19, 2009
Skate 2 PS3 Sports January 21, 2009
MLB Front Office Manager PS3 Sports January 26, 2009
Afro Samurai PS3 Action January 27, 2009
Alpha Protocol PS3 Action RPG February 2009
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box PS3 Racing February 2009
Godfather II, The PS3 Action February 2009
Killzone 2 PS3 Shooter February 2009
Prison Break: The Videogame PS3 Action February 2009
Red Faction: Guerrilla PS3 Shooter February 9, 2009
Red Faction: Guerrilla (Collector's Edition) PS3 Shooter February 9, 2009
Bionic Commando PS3 Action February 10, 2009
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PS3 Shooter February 10, 2009
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection PS3 Action Compilation February 10, 2009
X-Blades PS3 Action February 10, 2009
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PS3 RPG February 17, 2009
Street Fighter IV PS3 Fighting February 17, 2009
Hei$t PS3 Action March 2009
Major League Baseball 2K9 PS3 Sports March 2009
WWE Legends of WrestleMania PS3 Wrestling March 2009
Heroes Over Europe PS3 Flight Action March 3, 2009
Resident Evil 5 PS3 Action March 13, 2009
Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition) PS3 Action March 13, 2009

Rumors that Tekken 6 will be RELEASED for PS3 Japanese version in December! I will get my copy, I'll save up some cash for it if it is true! so if it release I'll have it!!

BTW the Japanese version of Resident Evil 5 will release at March 5th, 2009, for people who can't wait ten days for NTSC version ;p

Saturday, November 29, 2008


with baseball bat! and um... make sure you burn her FACE! then break her bones!!

do exactly opposite of islam teaching! :D

islam says.... hit her without damaging her, then you should hit her leaving a damage!
islam says..... hit her not on her face, then hit her on the face! ruin it!!! MAKE IT UGLY!!!
islam says..... as last resort if you feel like you want to hit! do it for lousy reason! or no reason at all!


p.s. joking ;p (in case some not so bright! i made it larger! duh!)

females are allegant creatures that no thousand man can compete with her, seriously, great men came from their mother stomach! been pregnant 9 monthes not to mention birth pain, of course mother has heaven underneath their feet, in heaven people will be called by their name and their mother's name.

I just wanna narrow, I will write down all anti-islamic blogs, which means if someone said bad stuff about islam, i'll just narrow him an islamic-hater, so, we got one islamic hater in bloggers here, we know who ;p

yay me! i'll be called curropted Islamic Rusty Shield! ;d

when i start praying again, then called me, still Curropted Islamic Shiny Shield! :D

if i start then stoped call me... Yet Again Curropted Islamic Need To Be Cleaned Shield!

i should really start praying, i hate forgetting >.>

p.s. for those who dunno what happens in bloggers, solve the mystery or just email me and i'll tell ya

News Network

I leaned a lesson that news network is a company, that makes money from sudden news, they usually glorify the news so they get more viewers, added more causalities, added more horror in the story.

lies, fake, cheats, made up, half-true, it's a buisness don't hate the player, hate the game.

lets go back to basics, a company, what is the main purpose of company, it is to make money, not make friends, not make pancakes, make money!

If the company is unable to get the spesific requirement amount of money, would choose a different method of getting it, even if it was lying and cheating on customer.

Some buisness hold great reputation, that will continue protect that so they can make profit, even giving great deals, now that what I say good buisness.

I respect that kind of company, but news is different story, I seen a certain news in all media, one says word and other says different thing, and one hide it, while other glorified it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in Media War on Islam/Arab, there was COLD WAR, so this is media war.

again, I repeat and say it for one more time, stop been obssessed with news, hate generates hate, and nothing good comes from it.

now you see why I pick Games news, cause it ain't no blood boiling news...

so, ignore news, and live your life, don't make things goes to next step....

lets live in peace.

CoD 5 aimbot hack PC

I fond this link about CoD5 hack, and decided to give it away for people, since it's not ps3 hack, I can feel good no one will use it against me, I hate cheaters, but if your noob use it, feel free to use a hack! mr. noob.

remember hardcore gamers, use no cheats.

Call of Duty 5 aimbot 1.02 hack

Friday, November 28, 2008

tears won't come

I sit there, staring at place that you were there, sighing and thinking what if we pair, what would life would be if we been fair, thinking of time that has been share, blaming the night that never been so fair, regreting the day that was clear, that I may never see your hair, even if I saw you there, your heart will never be there, even if I cried my tears won't come from fear.

don't feel it's good enough...

Old Memories - Nostalgic

enjoy watching these youtube clips for memories of the past, I picked special scenes from youtube for stuff you haven't seen for a while, it's good to remember stuff when we were little, you can pick any one and watch it, adry gadeeem, bss 9ej leman te-thakar you feel special feeling called Nostalgic.

Nostalgic: a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time: a nostalgia for his college days

Dragonball - JUMP Super Anime Tour Special - Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!!

Dragon Ball: Yo! The Return of Son Goku and Friends!! is a Dragon Ball animated film that premiered at the Jump Super Anime Tour in September 2008. It is the first animated Dragon Ball feature in twelve years, following the tenth anniversary film Dragon Ball: The Path to Power.
Sogeking_Q8 original post.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who is it?

It feels like some part of me is gone, an emptiness just clouds all over me, I feel there is nothing in my life, my heart screams of something I don't understand, who is it, who is the person I made mistake with and let her gone.

Did I really let her go, or did I met her and didn't know!

Do I have a second chance, or do I have already lost my chance

Terminal of you that i am, would you be kind aid this man


The Last day at war (little story)

This story I wrote long time ago, bad grammar I know, still want someone to teach me grammar..., anyhow enjoy reading it, story about a guy who his family is only 3 year old daughter, his wife died before the war, and he wouldn't even dare making her an orphan, so he avoid conflict with enemy for her sake, although his blood boils for his country, he can't fight it's not an option he has to choose, that when a missile hit his home accidentally killing his daughter and wounding him badly, enjoy reading.

I stand alone on top of rubbles at night, holding a ripped piece of cloth stainned with blood, emotionless, like silent wind, thoughtless like a stone, standing on rubbles that generate fire, slowly boils my blood, I haven't realize that my left arm was missing, I felt no pain, as I kept looking at sky, I heard an enemy voice, that's when my eyeballs moved down to lock on them, that moment was the last second of been sane, that's when a storm of emotions burst, everything become slow, I had a frightening smile that devil would fear, without hesitation I grabbed something shaped like a knife, running towards the enemy, they tried shooting me, but the bullets were slower, I cut one throat as used his gun to kill other three, took their weapons and ammo, I searched the ground for them, hunting them down like animal, using my nose to catch their filthy smell, like tiger who is deeply hungry searching in haste for a meat, I heard a bullet as I was running, the sniper missed me, I shoot where I heard bullet came from, then fond group celebrating I jumped inside killing every single one of them, I had enough bullets for 30 guy, and they were hundred, when I run out of bullets, I kept using my hands smashing their skulls, breaking their necks, hold their hand and aim their gun at them while shooting, as for the last guy, I pulled his eyeballs.

Nothing could clam my heart, that when I dropped at ground feeling weaker, ready to close my eyes forever, thinking how it will be peaceful just by closing my eyes, sleep is good, that when my heart slowly beats, as almost ready to die, I heard a child scream that woke me up, I run towards them, I killed them, one after the other, the child was frozen of fear, to him the enemy wasn't that scary.

That when I saw a firecracker on the sky, my instincts told me to run towards them, I fond sword at museum, or what left of it, I took it, as I kept going there, I saw the enemy celebrating with their leader, wearing that uniform, and these soldiers cheering, I wanted his head, if I had strength I would taken all of their head for her, my precious child.

Without thinking, I rushed towards them, the enemy troop was the only wall between me and him, I used the huge sword to cut them and kept running, making my path, running so fast, I kept chopping one after the other killing, as shield was on my back protecting me, as I finally able to break the troops in half, I jumps then fall on my knees, my head stared at ground, as I see dark consuming my sight, the voices of panic fades, as I felt my back is heavy, the sword held me from falling, the last thing I saw and heard, was him, screaming in fear saying "he is coming to me, he is coming to me!" known he lost his mind, I smirked for two things, one known him lost his mind, and second known that it's my time to die, I said "checkmate".