Friday, December 26, 2008

Gay means happy

way back before the word gay was referred to homosexual, the true meaning of gay is happy, don't believe me? just check the British dictionary they still use that word but not in American's meaning.

you still won't believe me that few years ago gay means happy in America! just like how gay means happy in Britain now, watch this youtube song!!

I feel pretty! oh so pretty!
i feel pretty and wetty and...... GAY!!!
and i pity any girl who isn't me tonight

this same song was sang by Adam Sandler in Anger Manegment, lol enjoy!

so I'm not making up things, gay means happy! not homosexually only ignorant would say "does that mean lesbian means sad?" no but it's ancient island called lesbos! i swear not making it up! check the British dictionary

it's okay to be gay! (happy) LOL!!! British meaning that is!

edit: if you go to Britain, they won't recognize the American words.
I want the whole wide world start using gay for original meaning, will be hilarious :D

guy: hello friend!
guy2: hi!! how do you feel?
guy: as gay as ever! since i got new born
guy2: hope his life be gay!
guy: yeah i hope so, btw gay holiday to u!
guys2: gay holiday to u2!


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Yeah i heard abt it before :P

and omg, lmao @ (does that means lesbian means sad?) hahahaaaaa that really cracked me :P

Bs still wont ever use the word Gay to decribe that im happy :P never on earth would i do that :P
Oh btw i personally know a man who is called im serious :S

Neoark said...

lol, me2, sadly the bad meaning is spread everywhere!!! lol

Mr. Gay? american meaning? ;p

Shwaish said...

lol yeah i know gay is happy :p

Neoark said...

lol, oh really? ;p

Shwaish said...

ee walla and today im gay hehehehehe

Neoark said...

hope you be always gay amen inshallah ^_^

Anonymous said...

this is nothing new really. Your post is homophobic.

Neoark said...

proudly I am, an animal behavior sticking one cock in another anus, isn't really based on love, based on animal sexuality, and according to evolution theory we are most evolved creatures therefore act of animality isn't really an evolving more like devolving, and the idea of producing new life forms comes from two different genders, the same gender won't produce new form no matter how many times the same gender keep trying.

I'll keep the moral and religious reason aside, and i can keep going.