Saturday, October 25, 2008

tupd4rk drama

I sent PM to as many people in topdark about it, because I can't even post anything without others change my edit, I can't even talk there, they even delete my friend post and put the edited version there, so I can't change it back.

so this person did this.

He changed my password, and enter on my account, he saw all my private messages, and then he deleted it, through my own account, so he has no 'power' actually to even have ability to delete me using mod.

should UNDERSTAND that using SMF forum, only user can delete his own account, and ADMIN has that ability too, Global Mod only can change people's password and 'ban' people, if he changed my password, enter my account, what stopping him from reading my private messages.

a normal person would curse, and insult around, and threats, I haven't done that, check out what he says as if he has ability to delete anyone.

نيو كنت احترمة واقدرة واهو يدري في شي هذا
بس لمايغلط و يسب انسان عزيز علي وعلى كل توب دارك يسبة ويسب ابوة ويسب الي يابة حتى لو في سوء فهم صغير
مالة ولا دقيقة عندنا لأنة المكان هذا مو حق الأشكال هذي الي مايحترم نفسة ولا يحترم غيرة ولاعنده اسلوب يناقش فية الناس
وألي انت غلطت علية ترا على فكرة ما اشتكى منك ولا طلب شي ضدك هلتصرف مني انا قبل لا يزعل الشخص هذا لأنة بصراحة يسوى 17


Dear lonely,
an act of stupidity is when someone does a thing based on been manipulated, simple as that, which will costs you more than you could bargain, the person who based his action named Bo_Zaman, he copycat others topic include mine, I kept telling that low life not to copy my post and spam it, he wouldn't listen, he kept ignoring me, and made me pissed off, so I told lonely about him he didn't do a thing, and said "labooh labo ely jabah" ya3ny a normal curse we use around when we are angry or unpleasant, the term of 'labooh' is his father, and 'labo ely jabah' "and his father" it contain no insults just they say as 'al3an abook' which means ' i curse ur father'.

what if I used words I usually pick like "kss omk" or "zarga eb 6eezek" these are very dirty words, believe me I say worst lines then that when I'm pissed off.

so we go back to what he says, you can figure out how easily he was been manipulated, by certain aspects, I never harm or insult this 'Lonely' I only said an something out of anger, which consider reasonable, his act is after while, and was to delete my posts, not 'banning' me

so in other words
They want to get rid of me so Bo_Zaman can posts and keep mimicing my posts, and since all mine is deleted only his posts exists, therefore I have no right to say "i posted that! stop repeating it"

so this Bo_Zaman manipulated Lonely, and deleted my posts, using 'curse' as excuse, known that Bo_zaman not doing anything currently so he would say "I done nothing" and all the heat will return on lonely for his actions.

what kind of low life act is that, we aren't in 3agad forums, where people 'steals' others stuff without based 'mangool' under it, and let me show you what he PM my friend on

انت قاعد تستعبط ولا شنو ولا تبي تلحق صاحبك ؟؟
اهو انطق دليت ما طلع من الموقع
ولا اتحط اعلانات حق موقعة بلموضوع

see, how much he threats, as if he owns the 'topdark' editing posts on his desires, so imagine he deleted everything include others replays in my posts, so he didn't delete only mine, he deleted others as well, I have this thread contain over 3500 replay in it. which soon will be #1 thread it was mere days before it happens.

I have so many useful posts in most of Topdark, I am #1 member, deleting my account is like ripping off huge part of Topdark.

one last thing, if so his action wasn't based on that act, then why wouldn't I just gotten 'ban' that what they do, they 'ban' users, not sign in their account and deleted all their posts after reading their private messages.

I ain't going back to a forum where people's account been deleted without even permission of the admin, simply 'labook labo ely jabah' will delete your account, not ban!

these why I hate going to public 3agad forums, el 3agad, copycats oo people who make drama. I just used my friend account and PMed people.

edit: did I say topdark is 3agad forum? no i just hate el nou3yah ely copy your work el heelag el low intelligent people that somehow entered 'topdark' and just created drama 3ala rasi cause he wanna get famous

p.s. shocking news in comments, read it

sogeking want to act the whole process, so we decided to make a funny act :p

Neoark: Stars is up
Sogeking: up is stars!
Neoark:.... sea is blue
Sogeking: blue is sea!
Neoark: Desert has sand, and don't repeat it sogeking.
sogeking: sand in the dersert
Neoark: Ya 7mar! LESH ETGALED!

few days later

Sogeking: neoark account been deleted, he started it oo sabny, fa dasheet accountah oo mesa7tah
sogeking's friend: yeah shame on him, it's neoark fault! ignore the fact we had no right we deleted his account and others account, but we want to play along and say we are viticms.

*drops laughing*