Thursday, December 25, 2008

astagfer allah

la ilah ila allah mohamed rasool allah, la hawla wala gowah ila bilah.

ina lilah wa ina ileh raje3oon

allah yehdy aljamee3, amen

I see so many muslims yeshrakooon billah at this moment, unaware of what they say, oh well ely yehsrak billah i should write them down, so i won't befriend with them.

anyway, I took a shower and dressed up, us BP should stick together, because we understand how the other feels, like me and my blog-sister p.anonymous.
she is more like a sister than a friend, now I'll head to hospital to my doctor at ameery hospital, and take my meds, last time I was there I ripped the meds chart because they didn't give me my meds without doctor signature, which the chart had it! but my doctor kinda was traveling.

you can pre-order Street Fighter IV now and Resident Evil 5 and White Knight Chronicles is available for Japanese region only.

shit my BP is up, guess i can't go to rehab.

I got no meds, no nothing, screw them!! i have to wait another two weeks, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

salamat inshallah o ma tshoof shar :/
ajr o 3afya !!

hope ur bp goes bk to normal level in not time :)

6amina 3alaik :)

get well soon .. and have a nice weekend : D

Neoark said...

thanks sis

I officially hate hospitals

Anonymous said...

سلامات, لا تنسي باجر موعدنا دق على الشباب نتيمع

Neoark said...

inshallah, at mees alghanem?

sakura-ayshy said...