Saturday, December 27, 2008

The sad true

Finally my brain function perfectly, that and my BP is stable, as long as there is nothing dramatic, since it function good, I can say egotistic that I can actually think ahead, almost read mind, and just narrow down the situation easily.

but the sad truth despite how smart we can get, we can never achieve our goal, actually some part of situations that we face sometimes, we unable to actually beat it, we surrender to it, although we keep trying to struggle go against it, but in the end, things can never go as we please, even if we have our differences, our background, we face problems, stuff that we cannot handle, even if you asked for help, none can help you, you set there hoping that one day all these problems would just go away, or slowly fade.

while actually all we need to do, is put away our ego, and just be optimistic, even although I got to admit, I don't believe there is good in this world even there is, and I really hate optimistic although I act like one but not in the heart.

however in a different none self-centered view, have you ever seen the less fortunate than you, people who are suffering deeper than what you do, of course a self centered would say "they dunno the pain I'm going through!", well that because you don't feel others pain, therefore you wouldn't understand, that others are suffering even greater than you do.

"The light at the end of the tunnel is not illusion .. the tunnel is!" took this famous quote for example

and this quote has tremendous meaning behind it, that the solution to the problems exists, and if you keep walking you'll get to the light, but been consumed by the problems creates an illusion tunnel that narrows your path, making it crowded and hard to walk on, tiring you so fast.

so the sad true
no matter how smart you are you can't fix the problems you suffering. However don't beat yourself over it.

remember, your life sucks, don't make it sucks even more. ;)

p.s. this works also for politics conflicts and stuff (not seen others problems, waiting for yours to go away)


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

That is so ture !!

we should always remind ourselves that some where out in this world there are ppl who sufferes much more than what we do, and their problems are much greater than ours !

so we should always thank god for what we got and have a hope for a better tomorrow :) said...

I like your blog.

Shwaish said...

wow, okay i really loved hal post, its so true, ya3ni marat akoon im complaining abt mishakli to dooda my friend, oo akoon 7adi mindamjaaaaa then when i go home i realise ina omg she didnt look okay, and i call her up witkoon iyha mishakilha akbar min mine oo she needed me to listen but i was too into my own problems to notice hers...

and ana i can give advice thats perfect and an7a6 ib nafs il situation oo ma3arf amshy 3ala my own advice

Neoark said...

p.anon: yup il7amdlelah 3al 7al ^_^

carlos: .....ok... u..spam?

shwaish: hehe, poor dooda! actually all advices sound perfect, but applying kinda doesn't give you the results you expecting.

libero anima said...

really insightful post .. Thank u for opening our eyes to the truth .. I once read a Chinese qoute but cnt remember it .. Hmm but I think it goes something like this .. That if everyone got their problems and put in a stack , each person will see the others' problem, he will then take back his problem and go back home..

Neoark said...

you are indeed welcome ^_^