Sunday, December 21, 2008

Resident Evil 5 Demo I played

So, guess what? I got RE5 Demo, yup, the graphic is just amazing, Chris is all muscled and buffed up, heck you can see his vain! whoever said RE5 sucks must be crazy, I mean from what I just gotten, this is a MGS4 game level.

The game is tough, you can't evade while you play easily, so require skill to play, and the pushing menu button cannot pause the game temperately so you cannot inject your health easily, and require kinda really quick act.

I suggest planting 'evade' and 'stop! let me go in menu to take health or change weapon!', although may not be realistic, but come on, screw it, not everyone are hardcores gamers!

This game is for me, don't need evade, just need the damn stop let me check menu, just that, cause I'm really lazy to act fast, and i'm used to old classic way.

like I said, violence, blood, damages, great graphic, now left us the story, so we will see.

a co-equal level to Metal Gear Solid 4, although when game release we can judge it completely, of course the term of graphic MGS4 is better, but in term of everything else we will see.

Resident Evil 5 is for extreme hardcores

don't miss Chris uppercut! alkaizer :p die in hell! i played the demo :D
I'll give ya the demo at the weekend when we go to mees el ghanem ;p


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

whenever i'll have time to play vid. games, i'll stick to my metal gear X D

Have a nice and fun weekend ; )

p.s: take care of ur bp !

Neoark said...

thanks, btw it's Monday, weekend need more days!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Oh my god looool dont even ask me y i though it's thursday :P
omg seriously i was planning my day as if today was thursday until i read ur comment and i was like wth =O .. :s
3adee 6af 6af guess that what happens when u over sleep and wake up frozen :P

Neoark said...

i'm the one his BP isn't stable currently...

for example
friend: i will go to travel October
me: no!! don't go yet
friend: why?
me: too soon man
friend: eh? why u say that?
me: you'll travel after 2 month
friend: today is december...
me:.... OHHHHH okay, have fun then

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Oh well it happens a lot !

Neoark said...

blah only when your brain is fried!

libero anima said...

it would be great if we could accually kill like in RE .. with the blood spplatering everywhere ! awesome ! =p

Neoark said...

are you sure u are a girl? x.x

cause u sound violence!