Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today... no... luck

last year, there was this girl who kept peaking at me, when she open her mouth and talked, i lost interests in her, this year so many cute girls at work, but they all children, yeah CHILDREN! i don't give a damn if she was 24 she still a child in my eye.

I wouldn't care less for these stuff if it weren't for this empty feeling that kept bugging me, due to my lack of understanding of emotions, i asked around, it seemed this 'empty' feelings comes from been single.

it's hard to breathe, i guess i should find something to be addictive in so i will be too busy to even think about it, it's easier than finding some special girl, because I'm terrified of relationships, yeah I'm scared of relationships, is there a problem with that?

some guys have it on marriage, i have it on relationship >.>


Anonymous said...

I've been having the same feeling since my last attempt to fall in love ended up being a failure, loneliness is tragical. I tried to keep my self from thinking about my loneliness by playing video games, watching movies, but that was wrong of me to do. Because when you stop doing that and get back to real life and work you would find that you are weak, and you'll find yourself feeling the same feelings of emptiness again. If you ignore the water that's leaking from your wall you'll end up drowning. That's why I'm planning to charge head on against my problem to solve it instead of ignoring it and trying to forget it.

Neoark said...

I'm not ignoring it or running away from it >.>

i just don't care about it, well good luck man, on facing it.

neoark never weak!! ;_;

Shwaish said...

it will be abnormal if u werent afraid of relationships, theyre scary, and 24 is a KID?? omg i love uuu, im turning 23 oo a7is its the equivelent of 500, so 24 is a kid hehehehe GOOD!

Neoark said...

i like you kid, unlike teenagers when you just say 'kid' they go berserk saying their not kids.

beside, your as young as your heart be!

libero anima said...

hmm ..
most people are afraid of commitment .. and they're usually men ..

i don't think alot of the getting married stuff .. cuz i know that i wont commit to the actions that are needed of me to be a perfect wife or mum ..

i'm a person who like to work.. i want to build my future .. so i know that if i get in a commitment ma bakoon gadha cuz ill be too buzy with my work ..

anyhooo sorry 6awalt .. bss are u afraid of commitment ? ..

Neoark said...

nope, I'm afraid of been hurt.

not afraid of commitment at all

libero anima said...

hmm ..

yeah .. we all are ..

but if you never take chances, you will never find THAT person or THE one ...

soo by being hurt u'll actually learn how to make the better choices next time ..

Neoark said...

require time, for me to trust any girl enough to open my heart to her.

no worries, I met the ONE, she is irreplaceable, it's funny even if two people love each other they been torn part by others.