Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Smiling Camel!

I fond this camel eating on the right side while I’m heading to Doha West Power Station, where there was only one tree, while the left side had so many trees, so I decided take a picture, that when the Camel look at me and smiled for picture!

This is a good sign, kuwait deserts has been dead for a while, and I hope this is a recovery from 1990, I wish Animal Rights stop telling us to eat meat, and start concern of the real damage, like a country like kuwait has no wild life, it's dead, I wish kuwaities goverment stop been a jerk and bring tons of animal food so we can raise them, so i can enjoy hunting them! :p


Patrick Semaan said...

That is cute

Neoark said...

animal lover! :p

sadly today i haven't seen it or seen that weird yet interestng smile!