Monday, December 29, 2008

tomato soup, grilled cheese and main curse with steam veges

Alghay9er (Caesar), the Indian Restaurant.

So many people won't understand that ingredients does not make best food, that's why I love the tomato soup, even though so many would just find it odd, because they'll just remember the disgusting taste of soup that when they tried the tomato juice once, while actually it is delicious, 10/10 for the soup.

We didn't order much starters, just a grilled cheese, as you can see the spoon holding one cheese, you should order one for each person, and the sauce is just mind-blasting! also deserve 10/10

the main curse, I never liked most of main curse but I fond a way to one a bit better, ordering the mix meat, which contain shrimp and meat, each one cooked on it's own way, exchange the french frieze for steam vegetable and put cheese on top, I give this 7.1/10

I went there twice last week, and almost had it 3 times in a raw except I declined it, love the soup.


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Ok i just started dieting and these pic's dont really help :s


Neoark said...

good, i want u to gain weight :p


chikapappi said...

we were there in Kuwait City Caesar yesterday! haha! My sisters had the tomato soup bas I tried Fung Lung soup which was ok! O I love their steak!

Neoark said...

i usually go to that place, actually twice went to it last week :p

u should try tomato soup

Sakura-ayshy said...


Neoark said...

nope >.>