Monday, December 8, 2008

Eidkum mubarak

who is the heartless the people who kill animal to feed the poor people, or people who wants to stop them from killing animals so that meat that won't go to poor people.

just think, are you heartless?

millions of animals been slaughtered all around the world to sell for company, so when it sent for free, you go against it, is it because a muslim Eid, you go there and say "heartless".

heartless to feed the poor? heartless to make a child smile? heartless to make one in need, needless for small amount of time?

happy Eid ya'll! ^_^

remember, help the poor, YOU CHEAP ASS!


Anonymous said...

happy eid

sogeking_q8 said...

عيدك مبارك

انونيمس بالعربي said...

el3ed sar heartless? That's new! ;p

3edkom embarak:)

PS please remove word verification

Neoark said...

3aleena oo 3leek ;p

p.s. 7a6ah 7ag spambots, shagooni

Manutdfanatic said...

Good point.