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ladies and gentle men! i'm offering street fighter 4 pre-order!

but (yes there's a constrain) , i need enough enquiries to get it even cheaper. furthermore, the game will be released on 12th of fabuary in asia THEN 17th over the world.

however , you all know how bad is our duty/tax-importing (failerees) , and let us not forget M.O. INFORMATION . So the order might take some time until the officials release it.

On the other hand , i'm willing to sell at cost , yes i am! what do i need? only 2 kds down payment per enquiry and a lot of help and wasta at the air port duties.

keep in mind , the more WE Buy , the Less It will Cost Per unit.

Finally , the reason i'm doing that??

a- to make connections over seas.

b- to learn the trade.


Relpy all if intrested.


why COD5 is not the better game!!

توني وصلت آخر لفل بكول اوف دوتي5

بعد ما حرقت 20 ساعه وزود

أكثثثثثثثر شي ازعجني باللعبه انميشن الركض

شكل الجنود واهم يركضون غلللط غلللط غلللط

عكس كول4 اللي لما يركضون تحسهم بحرب صججج ولما تذبح واحد واهو يركض

تحس بنشوه لول

أصواات اللعبه واايد واايد ضعيييفه .. أحس اني قاعد

استخدم مسدس لعبه (بوجراقي) مو مسدسات صجيه

وأسوأهم صوت السكين ... خشبه مو سجين

تكفه حتى كول2 اصوات الأسلحه أحسن من 5

الفلاش ماله لزوم ب5

حاطينه زينه ما يسوي شي

عكس كول4 .. نص اللي اذبحهم يكونون عماي

قصف المدفعيه ما يسوي شي

ياخذ سنه لين توصل القذيفه

عكس قصف الطيارات ب4

سريع ويذبح

وايد اشياء ما كانت موجوده بالحرب العالميه

وموجوده بكول5 مثل تصويب النقطه السودا

والرادار اللي يشتغل بالضبط مثل كول4

اللعبه مو كوول بشكل كاافي لوول

يعني تقاارن مقاطع الروك اللي تسمعها لما توصل لفل يديد بكول4

بصوت طبل وواحد يصرخ بكول5؟

وبشكل عام ما حسيت


4اللي أحسه لما العب كول

طبعا في اشياء عجبتني بكول5

مثل البيركات اليدد والمراحل الكبار والدبابات والجلاب

بس بشكل عام كول4 اهيا اللعبه الافضل

اللعبتين وصلت فيهم آخر لفل

قاعد العبهم عالكمبيوتر بعد ما شريتهم من


The Last Remnant

Just finished playing this game , and I have to say I'm impressed ! to be honest I didn't think it would . Last Remnant is a Xbox360 RPG by SquareEnix
Story :
you start as Rush Sykes a young man searching for his kidnapped sister , gets mixed up in a war , meets a group of people who become friends and help him search for his sister , and the story gets more and more involved. Nothing to fancy the story does the job without complexity.

Gameplay :
This is where the game really shines and make it stands up in its competitive genre . The flow of the game is go to town speak to npcs and progress with the story , there are Side missions and quests you can get from the guild which are optional but really have great awards for doing them . Now what makes this game special is the "Battle System". A battle is initiated when you bump into a monster in the field map , you can chain more monsters making the fight harder but with better rewards. Transfering into the battle screen , you control Unions , each Union consist of maximum of 5 units , one of them is the leader. Ofcourse the more you progress in the game the larger you can make your army . The battle is turn based and you control the each team with one command per turn. The Union share the HP and AP of the units in it. The AP is for Skills and Magic , you can use items which use up inventory. Strategy is involved in which command to give your union and from which side you face the mob, each side had an advantage and disadvantage, as well as the formation of the unions. Its not complex when you try it , but alot of strategy is needed to win with the bigger & tougher mobs.
Also one thing I didn't quite like was the gearing system , you can equip the hero "Rush" with wepons and accsesories and synth new ones by getting certine items. With a wide varaity of wepons it gets hard to focus on one or two kind, maybe thats a good thing for others but not me :) . oh and you can't equip your teammates as you desire , if they find items they want they will ask if they can take it and they will synth it automaticly when the get all the neaded items.

Soundtrack :
I'm a big fan of video games sound tracks. This stands high , with the symphonic music and fast paced battle songs. Its still missing somthing in my opinion , well its not Noubu Umatsu :p ...
The English voice acting I didn't like very much , it could have been better . Come to think of it the only good RPG with English voice acting was Lost Odyssey...

Overall :
An Excellent RPG that I would replay again later . Has a few cons , but the pros overrule it :D
if your looking for a new game not the traditional ones , get this one.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I just got VIVA line, my BP gone up thanks to this bitch from ZAIN, I told her I paid December month, and they want me to pay for January month which is actually HAS NOT END YET, my brother has one, crooger's two internet line of them, and all of them they 'close it', not to mention my zain number, and my friends...

They will continue taking money without giving you service, so in other words....

this what will happen....

Januray service ends 25k.d owned for this month
Febrary: 55k.d <-- still can't use internet, because they closed the service.
March: 85k.d <-- still need to get balance zero to be able to get internet back.
April: 115k.d <--- they will end contract here and start sueing you for their money

yknow you 'pay in advance' for zain... and will charge you for no service internet for extra 3 months :/


so I got VIVA, lets see, I pay 20k.d each month, plus you get free USB, the bad thing is you have one year contract if you cancel it you have to pay 50k.d and you have to pay each month cause u got usb for free, and honestly, even though some part of service is not whole coverage, but we will see if it was unlimited or not ;p

actually, me, crooger and Cube, we got three, SO LONG ZAIN... YOU BEEN DUMPED!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grumpy's Tag!

Mention, put picture of any grumpy person!, 3 things that just abnormal, 2 things irritates you, 1 trigger your anger, 3 of people you can't live without, 2 of people you don't want to see, 1 of your favorite food, 3 of your favorite song, Tag only 5 person.

Abnormal stuff:
1. Nightmares are not scary, their fun like video game.
2. My weakness is cute, it's like my kryptonite, I melt for cute girls!
3. I have 3 alterego, it's not split personality, it's me but personality changes.

Irritating stuff:
1. when someone annoy me while I sleep
2. when crooger use Jerry signfield voice

Anger trigger:
1. threaten me, and i'll lose it.

people I can't live without:
none, I can live without anyone... kefy >.>
so i won't mention anyone.

people I don't want to see:
1. an Egyptian co-worker an training center who wants my position for his son, just give me hard time, because i took this place.
2. a guy who got kicked from training center :D

Favorite food:
1. Warag 3nab, love it so much that i don't ask my family to make it, cause that way will keep be my favorite, just put warag 3nab and you'll manipulates me, well that and meat :D~

Favorite songs:
Calling the night - Metalgear Solid
Answer Lies within - dream theatre
Papa - Orange Range (hilarious Japanese song whenever i hear it)

5 people to tag :P
Libro Anima

congratulation your grumpy!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


'United state of Tara' this new tv series is just a joke, I dunno how they come with stupidest idea and yet still amaze me to find something even more stupid every time.

'Trust Me... Us' is also stupid idea where someone's new boss is his best best friend, and really troublemaker....

oh yeah, 'Painkiller Jane' seemed the writer loved the cheerleader in Heroes they wanted to make a series based on that, a woman that never dies, and regenerate her body, assigned her to work as some sort of spy, isn't that what like dozen of shows i seen?

'Being Erica' is also stupid, where a girl has these problems she sent back in time to fix the mistakes she made, but the stupid I kinda wanna WATCH :D

I kept watching her video blog on youtube until it hit me, i wanna see her tv series!! although i think her videos are fun, so there might be a chance for her tv :p

btw the girl on her video blog she hates, kinda looks like my ex >.>


A person emailed me he said "Yo grumpy, you see i got playstation 3, but my qualitynet connection sucks at times".

I told him, and will tell everyone.

#2 Fasttelco
#3 Global Network
#4 Qualitynet
#5 Viva
#6 Zain
#7 Wataniya

KEMS + alyaf tho`2yah = NUKLEAR SPEED :D

plus 110k.d for one year, so yeah, i'd take that,

Fasttelco is slightly less than KEMS, ya3ny eshwaiyah

stay away from Qualitynet and Wataniya at all costs... actually from #4 to #7 just stay away from it, although viva seemed to be good, but coverage is just like 60% i have trouble talking on my un-sold awesome phone number :p

Sunday, January 25, 2009

LittleBigPlanet Costumed SackBoys and Girls

Saloooh just gave me this video about various design for LBP sackboys girls, which I fond some really cute! too bad not my type of games, bs wallah CUTE

Salooh's channel

Hilarious 18+ F.E.A.R 2 commercial

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Will Street fighter IV comes before release date?

Will the infamous street fighter comes before the release date in Kuwait like what happen in MGS4? PES 2009 and many more games, I mean seriously I your private GAMES investigator decided to ask around, and from what I can tell, nobody will bring it early, it was oddly enough that they won't bring it early, so i decided to do more investigation about this matter.

IPhone - Peggle - DDR - Silent Hill Games

haaaaaaaaaaaai, ana sogeking!!! ya3ny Sniper King!! 3omri 19 sanah!!

Peggle. You either love it, or you've never played it. While the game's just fine on PC, it's always seemed more suitable for on-the-go gaming, much like Tetris was on the GameBoy.
So it's awesome to hear that developers PopCap will be bringing the game to the iPhone and iPod Touch "in the first half of 2009". That's...well, that's kind of soon! Might even be real soon!


Oh Yeah, Silent Hill And DDR Are On The iPhone Now


Friday, January 23, 2009

New King of pop from INDIA!

Micheal Jackson should just drop dead or die in envy from this new guy, amazing entertaining you with his moves, will make you drop... from... ;p

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Only One Xbox 360 Game Made Top 100 Sellers of 2008

Crunching the sales data from game publication Famitsu, we have a breakdown by platform of the 100 biggest selling games of last year in Japan.

Here goes:

DS: 47 games
Wii: 15 games
PSP: 15 games
PS2: 12 games
PS3: 10 games
Xbox 360: 1 game

And that one Xbox 360 game is Tales of Vesperia, coming in at 82nd place in the top 100.

For those interested in how that breaks down by game maker, we have that as well:

Nintendo: 29 games
Namco Bandai: 20 games
Square Enix: 11 games
Konami: 10 games
Capcom: 6 games
Level5: 4 games
Sony Computer Entertainment: 3 games
The Pokémon Company: 3 games
Koei: 2 games
Atlus: 2 games
Enterbrain: 1 game
IE Institute: 1 game
Hudson: 1 game
Rocket: 1 game
EA: 1 game
Marvelous: 1 game

2008's Top 100 [via はちま起稿] [Pic]

source: kotaku

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

February 10th is the start of games!

The Video Games has been quite for a while, But soon everything will change like my salary that has been kept delaying up until now, because unlike my salary, video games has date release!

as you can see other few lame games on start on 10th February is the real start for Games! starting with F.E.A.R, Street Fighter IV, Shellshock 2, X-blade, flower!

yeah flower. just as you hear the title, you'll be the wind going what you desire, journeys through beautifully vivid landscapeworld, guess this youtube will explain everything

counterhit 10,000 visitors in 3 months! *celebrates*

January 21, 2009 Skate 2 Electronic Arts Sports
January 26, 2009 MLB Front Office Manager 2K Sports Sports
January 27, 2009 Afro Samurai Surge Action
February 5, 2009 3 on 3 NHL Arcade Electronic Arts Sports
February 10, 2009 F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Warner Bros. Interactive Shooter
February 10, 2009 Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge Valcon Games Racing
February 10, 2009 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection SEGA Action
February 10, 2009 X-Blades SouthPeak Games Action
February 12, 2009 Flower Sony Computer Entertainment Action
February 16, 2009 Wheelman Midway Games Action
February 17, 2009 Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3: Senior Year Disney Interactive Studios Music
February 17, 2009 Street Fighter IV Capcom Fighting
February 17, 2009 Street Fighter IV (Collector's Edition) Capcom Fighting
February 24, 2009 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand THQ Action
February 24, 2009 Godfather II, The Electronic Arts Action
February 24, 2009 ShellShock 2: Blood Trails Eidos Interactive Shooter
February 27, 2009 Killzone 2 Sony Computer Entertainment Shooter
March 2, 2009 Damnation Codemasters Shooter
March 2, 2009 Heist Codemasters Action
March 2, 2009 Major League Baseball 2K9 2K Games Sports
March 3, 2009 Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard D3 Publisher Shooter
March 3, 2009 MLB '09: The Show Sony Computer Entertainment Sports
March 3, 2009 Tom Clancy's HAWX Ubisoft Flight
March 10, 2009 Trivial Pursuit Electronic Arts Trivia
March 13, 2009 Resident Evil 5 Capcom Action
March 13, 2009 Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition) Capcom Action
March 17, 2009 Heroes Over Europe Red Mile Entertainment Flight
March 23, 2009 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Ultimate Edition) Electronic Arts Strategy
March 24, 2009 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Namco Bandai Action
March 24, 2009 Sacred 2: Fallen Angel cdv Software Entertainment RPG
March 24, 2009 Stormrise SEGA Strategy
March 24, 2009 Wanted: Weapons of Fate Universal Studios Action
March 24, 2009 WWE Legends of WrestleMania THQ Wrestling
March 29, 2009 Guitar Hero: Metallica Activision Music
March 29, 2009 Monsters vs. Aliens Activision Other
April 2009 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, The Atari Shooter
April 2009 Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection System 3 Arcade Software Pinball
April 2009 Prototype Sierra Action
May 2009 Dark Void Capcom Action
May 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Activision Action
June 2009 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Atari Action
Q2 2009 Agency, The Sony Online Entertainment Action
Q2 2009 Aliens: Colonial Marines SEGA Shooter
Q2 2009 Alpha Protocol SEGA Action
Q2 2009 ArmA II 505 Games Shooter
Q2 2009 Avatar Ubisoft Action
Q2 2009 Bionic Commando Capcom Action
Q2 2009 CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars Ubisoft Shooter
Q2 2009 Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires KOEI Strategy
Q2 2009 Fat Princess Sony Computer Entertainment Action
Q2 2009 Free Realms Sony Online Entertainment RPG
Q2 2009 Highlander: The Game Eidos Interactive Action
Q2 2009 Just Cause 2 Eidos Interactive Action
Q2 2009 Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust TBA Adventure
Q2 2009 Noby Noby Boy Namco Bandai Action
Q2 2009 OutRun Online Arcade SEGA Racing
Q2 2009 Red Faction: Guerrilla THQ Shooter
Q2 2009 Red Faction: Guerrilla (Collector's Edition) THQ Shooter
Q2 2009 Ride to Hell Deep Silver Action
Q2 2009 SBK: Superbike World Championship Conspiracy Entertainment Racing
Q2 2009 Scratch: The Ultimate DJ
Q2 2009 Sky Gods Blackfoot Studios Action
Q2 2009 Terminator Salvation -- The Videogame Equity Games Productions (EGI) Action
Q2 2009 Texas Cheat 'Em D3 Publisher Card
Q2 2009 This is Vegas Midway Games Action
Q2 2009 WET TBA Action
Q2 2009 World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Ubisoft Strategy
Q2 2009 X-Edge NIS RPG
August 2009 Madden NFL 2010 Electronic Arts Sports
Q3 2009 Brütal Legend Electronic Arts Adventure
Q3 2009 Edge of Twilight SouthPeak Games Action
Q3 2009 Fairytale Fights Playlogic Action
Q3 2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Electronic Arts Action
Q3 2009 Marvel Super Hero Squad THQ Action
Q3 2009 Matchman Lexicon Entertainment Shooter
Q3 2009 Mini Ninjas Eidos Interactive Action
Q3 2009 Ratchet & Clank Future Sequel [untitled] Sony Computer Entertainment Action
Q3 2009 Rogue Warrior: Black Razor Bethesda Softworks Shooter
Q3 2009 Saboteur Electronic Arts Action
Q3 2009 Section 8 Gamecock Shooter
Q3 2009 Tekken 6 Namco Bandai Fighting
Q3 2009 Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, The TBA RPG
Q4 2009 Astro Boy: The Movie D3 Publisher Action
Q4 2009 Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams 2K Games Shooter
Q4 2009 EA Sports Tennis [working title] Electronic Arts Sports
Q4 2009 EyePet: Your Virtual Pet Sony Computer Entertainment Virtual Pet
Q4 2009 God of War III Sony Computer Entertainment Action
Q4 2009 Islands of Wakfu
Q4 2009 Saw: The Videogame TBA Action
TBA 2009 100 Bullets D3 Publisher Action
TBA 2009 211 TBA Action
TBA 2009 Afrika Sony Computer Entertainment Action
TBA 2009 Alien -- RPG Project [untitled] SEGA RPG
TBA 2009 Alliance: The Silent War TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 APB [rumored] Webzen Action
TBA 2009 Arcania: A Gothic Tale DreamCatcher Interactive Action
TBA 2009 Babo: Invasion HeadGames Publishing Shooter
TBA 2009 Backbreaker TBA Sports
TBA 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum Eidos Interactive Action
TBA 2009 Bayonetta SEGA Action
TBA 2009 Beatles, The MTV Games Music
TBA 2009 Bejeweled 2 PopCap Games Puzzle
TBA 2009 Beyond Good & Evil 2 [unofficial title] Ubisoft Action
TBA 2009 Big Huge Games RPG [untitled] THQ RPG
TBA 2009 Big Time Revenge TBA Action
TBA 2009 Bizarre Creations Racing Project [untitled] Activision Racing
TBA 2009 Bomberman Ultra Hudson Soft Action
TBA 2009 Borderlands 2K Games Action
TBA 2009 Burnout Next [untitled] Electronic Arts Racing
TBA 2009 Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party Sony Computer Entertainment Party
TBA 2009 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Activision Shooter
TBA 2009 Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Ubisoft Shooter
TBA 2009 Cinnamon Beats
TBA 2009 Cipher Complex TBA Action
TBA 2009 Codename: Panzers Next-Gen [untitled] 10TACLE Studios Action
TBA 2009 Croteam Project [untitled] Gamecock Action
TBA 2009 CRUSADERS, Invasion of Constantinople TBA Action
TBA 2009 Dante's Inferno Electronic Arts Action
TBA 2009 Dark Mist Sony Computer Entertainment Adventure
TBA 2009 Darksiders: Wrath of War THQ Action
TBA 2009 Daybreakers TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 DC Universe Online Sony Online Entertainment RPG
TBA 2009 Deathbringer Konami Puzzle
TBA 2009 Destineer Spy Project [untitled] TBA Action
TBA 2009 Deus Ex 3 Eidos Interactive Shooter
TBA 2009 Dirt 2 Codemasters Racing
TBA 2009 Dirty Harry Warner Bros. Interactive Action
TBA 2009 Doom 4 TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 Dragon Age: Origins Electronic Arts RPG
TBA 2009 Elveon 10TACLE Studios Action
TBA 2009 Ember Sony Computer Entertainment Other
TBA 2009 Empire: Alpha Complex TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 Ender's Game: Battle Room TBA Action
TBA 2009 Eyedentify Sony Computer Entertainment Other
TBA 2009 Factor 5 PS3 Project #2 [untitled] Sony Computer Entertainment Action
TBA 2009 Faith and a .45 TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship Codemasters Racing
TBA 2009 FIA World Touring Car Championship TBA Racing
TBA 2009 Fight Night Round 4 Electronic Arts Sports
TBA 2009 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Square Enix Action
TBA 2009 Flock Capcom Puzzle
TBA 2009 Fritz Deep Silver Board
TBA 2009 Fuel Codemasters Racing
TBA 2009 Gran Turismo 5 Sony Computer Entertainment Racing
TBA 2009 Gretzky NHL [working title] Sony Computer Entertainment Sports
TBA 2009 Guitar Hero V [working title] Activision Music
TBA 2009 Half-Life 2: Episode Three [rumored] Valve Shooter
TBA 2009 Heat TBA Action
TBA 2009 Heavy Rain Sony Computer Entertainment Adventure
TBA 2009 Hospital Hustle Merscom Simulation
TBA 2009 I Am Alive Ubisoft Action
TBA 2009 IL-2: Sturmovik: Birds of Prey 505 Games Flight
TBA 2009 Illusion Softworks Project [untitled]
TBA 2009 Indiana Jones LucasArts Action
TBA 2009 Infamous Sony Computer Entertainment Action
TBA 2009 Interstellar Marines TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Sony Computer Entertainment Action
TBA 2009 James Bond 007 Driving Action Project [untitled] Activision Racing
TBA 2009 John Carpenter's Psychopath TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 Kart Attack TBA Racing
TBA 2009 King of Fighters XII, The Ignition Entertainment Fighting
TBA 2009 Kingdom Under Fire II TBA Strategy
TBA 2009 L.A. Noire Rockstar Games Adventure
TBA 2009 Last Remnant, The Square Enix RPG
TBA 2009 Mafia II Take-Two Interactive Action
TBA 2009 MAG: Massive Action Game Sony Computer Entertainment Shooter
TBA 2009 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion Activision Action
TBA 2009 Metro 2033: The Last Refuge TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 Omikron KARMA
TBA 2009 Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Codemasters Shooter
TBA 2009 Outsider, The TBA Action
TBA 2009 Overlord II Codemasters Adventure
TBA 2009 Planet 51 TBA Action
TBA 2009 Possession TBA Strategy
TBA 2009 Postal III Akella Shooter
TBA 2009 Prey 2 Take-Two Interactive Shooter
TBA 2009 Punisher: No Mercy, The TBA Action
TBA 2009 Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Sony Computer Entertainment Fighting
TBA 2009 Rockstar Old West PS3 Project [untitled] Rockstar Games Action
TBA 2009 Rockstar PS3 Exclusive Project [untitled] Rockstar Games Action
TBA 2009 Savage Moon Sony Computer Entertainment Strategy
TBA 2009 Scourge Project, The TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 ShadowClan TBA Action
TBA 2009 Sin City: The Game Red Mile Entertainment Action
TBA 2009 Skyblue Sony Computer Entertainment Other
TBA 2009 Splatterhouse Namco Bandai Action
TBA 2009 Terra: Formations TBA Action
TBA 2009 thatgamecompany Project #3 [untitled] Sony Computer Entertainment
TBA 2009 Timesplitters 4 TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 TNA Impact! 2 Midway Games Wrestling
TBA 2009 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 10 [unofficial title] Activision Sports
TBA 2009 Topatoi Boolat Puzzle
TBA 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Activision Action
TBA 2009 Twisted Metal PS3 Sony Computer Entertainment Racing
TBA 2009 Two Worlds SouthPeak Games RPG
TBA 2009 UFC 2009 Undisputed THQ Fighting
TBA 2009 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Sony Computer Entertainment Adventure
TBA 2009 Wall, The Play Ten Interactive (PTI) Shooter
TBA 2009 WarDevil TBA Action
TBA 2009 Warhound TBA Shooter
TBA 2009 Warriors Orochi Z KOEI Action
TBA 2009 Watchmen: The End is Nigh Warner Bros. Interactive Action
TBA 2009 Wheel of Fortune Sony Computer Entertainment Trivia
TBA 2009 White Knight Chronicles Sony Computer Entertainment RPG
TBA 2009 Wings of War: Famous Aces TBA Board
TBA 2009 Witches TBA Adventure
TBA 2009 Wolfenstein Activision Shooter
TBA 2009 X Quest TBA RPG
TBA 2009 Zombies!!! TBA
April 2010 Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix Action

Source IGN