Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baroue Arcade

I received an email of the winners of Baroue Tekken 6 December tournament, it seemed the tournament will be held every month, and there is no guarantee they will bring street fighter IV to Kuwait.

I really dunno how to play arcade games since there is no street fighter, Tekken is more of a console game than arcade, so I guess we have to wait until somehow they release both of the games on PlayStation 3.

meanwhile, there is no good games release this month or next, so not much of releases :/

My name is Ahmed

here is FAWAZ's Email the 2nd place of Tekken 6 tournament

There were 6 people in the tournamant. The Champion was Yousef Al-Enize and the Runner Up was Fawaz Al-Fayez (me). I don't have any pictures from the tournament, though.


Anonymous said...

hey fawaz, that's me (Raz7) from the Brainiac post :p
mabrook ow Enshallah next time te6la3 el awal :D

Neoark said...

i'm not fawaz :p

i'm ahmed the one recieved his email >.>;