Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nier is official < yo

Here's a clip from Squeek game Nier official trailer . from last week i posted about (before kotaku n others lol)

Pretty official to me PSP....GO!

Since sony announced a PSP GO (2nd generation of psp), these psp designs looks pretty official to me!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Right.......

this is how Kingdom-HAIRball should be

About that MGS rumor...

Lately the konami website released a count down watch, and people are dazzles and puzzled and kojima keepin his lips tight .
the latest about that teaser ( yes, 'cus it teasing) is :
1st ,they posted picture of big boss .
2ndly, a picture "pretty" raiden.

yet another teaser which is very smart ad too :

some peolpe have aclaiming it's a FAKE ! i say it's very valid to me if happen to play EYE OF JUDGEMNET and other geeky games , than being "casual jerk NOOB to know it all" youtuber.

but on the other hand famitsu on their last issue ,there's a blanked out conversation betweem kojima and the magazine , upon request of him :

here's a translation from kotaku ( won't help at all):

Below are excerpts we translated. Each "X" refers to a corresponding white circle Famitsu used to blot out important info. If you are planning on filling in the blanks, do keep in mind that they refer to a single Japanese character.

Hamamura: Ah! I get it!!
Kojima: "XXXXX XXXXX XXX". Well, it's not "X", but a "X" kind of feeling. That's him. I can't say the title yet, but it's this kind of feeling. But it's the Metal Gear saga's tradition.
Hamamura: The time period is XXX?
Kojima: No, it's XXX. I'm saying everything, maybe XXXXX. I'm designing and directing all of this game.
Hamamura: Wha!
Kojima: I think the focus will be domestic, and we're launching it globally. For me, this is like "XXXX". I won't say "X", but a solid story has been created, and the MGS4 staff is making it.
Hamamura: Wow! That's great.

Kojima: This time, only the image of this guy (image) will appear. Then lighting. Just this appearing, I wan everyone to guess. This is how XX's will be appearing.
Hamamura: Big Boss?
Kojima: XX's way of appearing is slightly different.
Hamamura: Eh? Different...?

Kojima: The emblem on this guy's hat is important.
Hamamura: The emblem isn't a fox. There's like a world map thing drawn.
Kojima: It's not only an emblem, but for the game, it will be a new type of system.
Hamamura: Is it XX-XXXXXXXXXX?
Kojima: Yes. You'll while XXXXXXX. XXXX, etc. are a given, so they'll be included. Ooops, I've said more than I was planning to. (laughs)
Hamamura: Hahahahaha! Well XXXXXX, it's XXXXXXX? Also, where's the game going to be set?
Kojima: The place is XXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXX happened, and it's a XXXXX type of country. There isn't XXXXXXXX in the country, but they do have XX like things and XXXX. At that time, XXXXXX come to where the guy is.

Kojima: The theme is XX. XXXXX kinda thing or XXX theme, or XXXXXXXXXXXX, or why is there X, that's where we're drawing. Maybe everyone is probably thinking, "This sermon again!" Maybe this sermon will become a genre. (laughs)
Hamamura: Ahahahaha!
Kojima: This is quite a deep interview.
Hamamura: So true!

And lately he commented to the media that he's under pressure to MAKE Another MGS.
Finally , by indicating the given hints and tips , it's either :

A- Remake of MGS2 and MGS3 for ps3 AND "Xbox360" -------> They already have the materials.

B- Releasing MGS4 on the Xbox360.---------> more likely

C- A new Tactical MGS .---------> it will happen , but for PSP.

D- All Above.

E- A New MGS.-------> I firmly believe so. Due to the pressure .

F- ZOE (irrelivent) ------> YALLAH !!


update :

added a video.

I've been punked by the vid , it's fake , how?? the mag dated 2008 jan!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

At last, A Real Man With A Real Cause Game By SQUEENIX


A Rumors emmerg of a scan by PSLS to be announced later by Squeek . and it's An Action game in Ninja-Giaden or DMC in fashion . the good thing (to me) the hero in his 30s and he's fighting to CURE HIS DAUGHTER! YES!!!!! NO MORE KINDOM-HURT OR bunch of NOBODIES
source , 1 , 2.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Demo

The Movie has been released with a demo for Final Fantasy XIII, the movie called 'final fantasy VII child advent complete' as they add new dialogs and new scenes.

why getting it for 23k.d in rehab (known bluray sold between 8-11k.d), while you can watch the whole FF 13 demo on youtube.


p.s. main hero is girl


by crooger

The newest project from team Ico . looks rather "Nice" like a children's story. nice griffin there.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

save your money

Terminator salvation is the worst terminator movie ever, I'm not the only one saying it, RottenTomato also agrees.

I'm not a blogger influenced by 'money' for ads, so I say and write whatever I desire, this how 'bloggers' should be.

a blogger been 'paid' for not saying bad shit about the products presented, is not a reliable blogger.

he is 'priced' blogger.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i gotten sick of pretty boys/girly lookin' boy mistaken for a girl , but N/B thank goodness will help us all to be manlier (even chicks ) check out this game!

only on wiiware in japan.!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

امل الشعوب

it's not a name of a girl, no, it is a name of a game, online game, has ARABIC text!

So Game power 7 it is a Korean game company that made 'server' for arabic gamers and made it possible.

The best part is, where you see the instructions in 'how to play' it's video in Arabic

you get to pick from 3 races, Armada are dark people, Amanies are light people, Ajoria are fighting people,

each race has his own class

So, pretty much yeah, there is Arabic online game.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Magna Carta II

Very soon, a new RPG will be released on xbox 360, date release is unknown.

Best thing about Role Playing Games, is that require a 45-60 hour to finish, and it has a very long storyline, it's like a book, where you read the story and move the character to the next chapter of story.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Street Fighter tournament this Friday

Borj Abyath has made new tournament according to 'AK_47' this Friday, he invited me to hang out there, and might join them in the tournament, the source says that they will fight 2 v.s. 2, and each has to pay 2k.d fees, and it's there.

There will be a Tekken 5 Dark resurrection tournament soon, if you can provide more than at least 10 people, the sad part that only 'few' join since nobody knows about it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's About Freaking Time: An Invisibility Cloak (taken from

I fond this post by blogger, enjoy.



Scientists at the University of California Berkeley have announced they're one step closer to the development of an invisibility cloak.

The light-bending effect relies on reversing refraction, the effect that makes a straw placed in water appear bent.

One approach used nanometre-scale stacks of silver and magnesium fluoride in a "fishnet" structure, while another made use of nanowires made of silver.

Light is neither absorbed nor reflected by the objects, passing "like water flowing around a rock," according to the researchers. As a result, only the light from behind the objects can be seen.

The team says the principles could one day be scaled up to make invisibility cloaks large enough to hide people.

Sweeeeet. Can you imagine the chaos once everybody gets their hands on an invisibility cloak? The entire world will collapse and I'll die trapped underneath a bench in the women's locker room.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that really is me in the picture with an invisibility helmet I've been developing the past couple months. Works like a charm!

Invisibility cloak 'step closer' [bbcnews]

Thanks to Ema, Popadopolis, Paul, and moe mentos, all of whom are ninjas and don't need invisibility cloaks.


you should really try reading, has some funny stuff