Monday, December 29, 2008


I only knew what happened through blogs, and it is pissing off, i knew Obama is going to be worst than Bush and it was too fast to get results, even before he started.

so, you have no idea what will happen next, and let say you can kiss peaceful days goodbye.

i don't like politics, but this isn't politics, this is massacre.

when there is darkness, there is also light.

even if the night lasts long, the sun will raise.


chikapappi said...

Nothing we can do, we will all watch each other die and we all meet bel akhra en sha2 allah :)

Neoark said...

that because the ones stopping us not ourselves or others, it's our leaders, we won't make a move unless they say so.

this humiliation is a prove of our disobedience and weakness

like i said, even if the night last long, the sun will raise.

CytonicDevil said...

For me personally, I don't give shit about Palestine, because they are traitors from the beginning. they betrayed their countries selling their land to the Jews.Betrayed Jordon, and betrayed Lebanon, and finally Betrayed Kuwait, putting hands with Saddam Hussien the bastard. Lets not forget the rape, killing, stealing, massacre, kidnapping, torture shall we. I graduated from university in a field of politics, and one way and another, if a country such as stupid as Palestine thinks on battling Israel, with no army, they are idiots.I say in my opinion and as well any country which is weak they should approve on the demands they make before more shit hits the fan.

Neoark said...

don't worry, we're next soon.