Friday, December 12, 2008

screw home

i didn't enjoy home one bit, the place is just so small, and every person in like different server than you are, you have to warp to be near them, which they won't show u the servers, and i haven't even checked my apartment, so what am I suppose to do with so less options, is that freaking 2 years of delays for nothing but apartment, movie, bawling ball, and mall, heck, why can't they put towns, roads, space, i don't enjoy setting in one place same view over and over again.

I rather go play Final Fantasy Online, at least I can choose my clothes, I can set down at snow area, just chatting with my friends, I can even go to desert place, or at beach, or just to be alone away from others, I can simply sit in sea, or sky, it would of been fun.

home need a freaking huge area, or should just drop dead.

and faster loading!

in FFXI i warp and takes me 10 seconds 20 second if I'm lagged from area to another, and each are is like huge, and home is just small, why take long for loading!

home is fun, home beta isn't

btw, xbox experience sucks even more, and wii avatar is the worst.
so, home beta better than others, but not enough


sogeking777 said...

7aram 3leek neo home wanasa, tara hatha bss beta

Neoark said...

wait, sogeking, what is the area you were at? how to get there??

sogeking777 said...

far cry 2, la ye6oofek

start -> location > world map -> far cry 2

hatha 3jeeb oo huge, shoofa

Neoark said...


caveman007 said...

home and xbox NXE are entirely different things, you cant compare them together, HOME is like second life if you know it.

I will say this one thousand time ps3 online sucks balls, xbox360s online cant be beaten, I am not talking about games because they have almost 95% of the games on both systems due to no more exclusives.

Neoark said...

lets see

xbox online can't be beaten?

i played both 360 and ps3, i don't see any difference in online, both lag when you use e-go

home and xbox experience are the same idea, and xbox experience just sucks even worst than home, yes I CAN COMPARE.