Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm going to hospital

It seemed I can't control my blood pressure anymore, although I stopped eating meds, people will say "no eat your meds", well I believe I can control my blood pressure, when I control my own emotions.

over six month I been doing okay, it's very good method to use and natural, now I can't control it, it is has reach sky high, I cannot sleep, my head feels like exploding, I'll head to the hospital now, hopefully I'd be hospitalized for two hours and then head back home.

I'll probably go today back to my doctor once this settle down when it's 9 pm to get my meds, and before that go to dentist, the cold air just make my tooth hurts like a bitch and it has been two weeks since it hasn't gone away.

i can't wake my brother to drive me to hospital now, that will my family kinda freak out, i'll do it silently and without their knowledge.

they give me a med, and wait two hours then check my pressure see if it was okay or not, if not I'll stay more, if okay I'll head back home.

Blood Pressure 186/100 went to doctor three times, went nurse two times took some meds and shot, second time was 156/104, and third after rest and some meds it was 146/90.

I went from Severe hypertension to Moderate hypertension to Mild hypertension, and there is high normal, and normal.

any small stress will make my BP goes up, so be gentle on me please >.<


Anonymous said...

سلامات لازم تحرص ان تاخذ دواك
ما تشوف شر, وسع صدرك ولا تزعل

intlxpatr said...

I hope you feel better soon.

From time to time, my blood pressure goes up - my doctor tells me I need more physical activity in my life. She's probably right.

Anonymous said...

Salamaaat u feelin' ok?

Shwaish said...

matshoof shar, i hope you are feeling better

Neoark said...

thanks, I appreciate it guys ^_^

my BP was like 186/100 I dunno how I gone to hospital without having trouble.

I can't control my blood pressure now small amount of stress kinda makes it goes up.

..::Amu::.. said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Neoark said...

thanks mate all comments appreciated ^_^

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

salamat and get well soon .. ajr o 3afya inshallah !!

i know how u feel since i started having Bp from as early as 15yrs :/ yeah that young!
and i was taking 2 kinds of meds 3 times a day .. but just like u i stopped taking them ..

and now it seems the slightest tension or sadness makes my Bp hit the sky rocket !!

so take care of ur self .. nothing is as important as ur health !!

Neoark said...


these slightest tension kinda mass destruction where you cannot even get upset over small matters.

i will inshallah ^_^

u2 take care of ur health

العرزالــــــه said...

You're too young to have emotional-induced HTN. Nevertheless, Look for other risk factors.

sogeking777 said...

salamat agool lesh etdawer ams 3n psp, towni adry lesh ma gelt la7d?

Neoark said...

العرزالــــــه, thanks man, bss sheno ensawi life expereince :(

sogeking: i didn't want to make my mother worried

Salah said...

Laaa ma tshoof shar enshalla yal 3'aley..wase3 9adrek and try not to care about what makes you sad or angry. Take your meds buddy, and take a good care of yourself.


Neoark said...

allah yesalam buddy, i am trying bss not easy, but will try ^_^

Batoul A. said...

salamtak, inshAllah ma 3ala albak shar.. Next time do let someone know to drive you, la sama7a Allah... you dont know what could happen on the way.

Hope you're doing better!

Neoark said...

yeslamly albyk ^_^

thanks, if I want to go out I ask my friends to come and pick me nowadays, I only drive from home to work.

hissweetheart said...

Sorry to hear that!!

Just avoid being upset or nervous at anything!!

Take care!

Neoark said...

easier said that done! :(