Saturday, February 28, 2009

Resident Evil 5 release DATE

The Asian will be released around 5 March, will be 'English', however the AMERICAN release will be around 13 March.

So, expecting it in Rehab any time soon...

Friday, February 27, 2009

I can't kick, but my normal punch is 75% DAMAGE! in SF4

you don't believe me? CHECK THE YOUTUBE! SOLID PROOF!

This isn't a super attack or ultra attack or even an ex attack, just a normal attack and inflect great damage.

The trick is holding on 3 kicks for over than a minute, while doing that you can attack in low punch, medium punch and high punch, then just release the button you holding for over than one minute, you will inflect GREAT DAMAGE.

it also works if you hold all 3 punches buttons for over than one minute, of course you can use the kicks buttons to attack only, and just move your fingers from all 3 buttons and it will unleash the most powerful attack in street fighter iv.

the one figured it out was Crooger, while fighting a Chinese guy!

Crooger ps3 id: Grumpy1337

i'm giving away this info, so you know how it works, instead of wasting time searching for how it works, and for those who knew it, and didn't want to share it, well BITE ME :P

please enjoy these carefully picked street fighter youtube clips, and don't soil yourself while laughing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


There is a blog meeting this Wednesday 18th, 5:30-8:30 second cup in front of poor-house ops i mean Kuwait's stocks

BE THERE TO MEET THE GREAT O'MIGHTY GRUMPY!..... well not so mighty... since i'll walk on a cane and my right hand on bandage... oh well, remind me not to sleep after accident, every single part of my body hurts.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Street Fighter IV in Rehab

F.E.A.R 2 steet fighter 4 and shellshock 2 in rehab, got best offer for street fighter iv in 3alam al5ayal, just go there, wil give ya cheaper.

there is the asian vesion and eruope, the asian will work in any tv, while eruope will only work with HDMI, so better ask before purchasing a game.

i'm currently at crooger's house, he is trying to play online since he got the ps3 version, the game is amazing, seriously this video to show u the combos.

if you play street fighter give me ur ps3 id in comment to post it here

Well it seemed you can only challenge people from Kuwait since that way it is best condition, and less lag than you think! so better write down id in comment, so you can added each other!

crooger's ps3 id: grumpy1337
my ps3 id : neoark25 (full lol, sent me message to delete someone)

p.s. street fighter iv worth it

p.s. tournament!! there will be! :D

Unlockable How to Unlock
Akuma After unlocking Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose, Fight him on arcade mode, to do that, Get at least 2 perfects and 2 Ultra Finishes.
Cammy End the arcade mode with Crimson Viper
Dan End the arcade mode with Sakura
Fei Long End the arcade mode with Abel
Gen End the arcade mode with Chun-Li
Gouken After unlocking Akuma, Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose, Fight him on arcade mode, to do that, Get at least 2 perfects and 3 Ultra Finishes. do not lose single round
Rose End the arcade mode with M.Bison
Sakura End the arcade mode with Ryu
Seth End the game with all the other characters

This is what you have to do in order to fight Gouken. Just a note... if you have to use a continue against Seth, you won't get to fight Gouken.

1. Do not use any continues
2. Do not lose the first round in any fight
3. you have to get 3 ultra finishes (kill them with revenge special ultimate attack)
4. You have to get a certain number of perfects depending on what the machine is set to.

Set to 1 round: Must get a perfect in at least one match.
Set to best of 3: Must get 2 perfects
Set to best of 5: Must get 3 perfects
Set to best of 7: Must get 4 perfects

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kill Zone 2 bl Re7ab

Yup, it's in Rehab yesterday, and that would be in Kuwait before release day for 17 days! r7b007 has informed me, and I was shocked, HOW CAN THEY GET KILL ZONE 2 BUT NOT STREET FIGHTER IV!

anyway, expect a review soon, inshallah if someone here graphed it, and street fighter review ;p

just to let you know this might be even better than Call of Duty 4 and 5.

everything depends for me on the online gaming!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bleh, Guess what? street fighter is available for download! for XBOX 360 bleh now i feel it sucks when I do not have modify 360.

asshole crooger now DOWNLOADING IT!

according to crooger it's the real deal.

tomorrow, will kick him to make post with pictures, if it works.

Khaled emailed me the images, you can see street fighter on the TV!!!! it's the real deal and it works!!!!!

lol, i was going to post ones when i go home after an hour or two XD :P ;d

guess i'll go buy ice cream, popcorn and large 7up... eh? isn't this what they buy if they going to watch a movie? eh?

what would you get if u going to play a video game? only drinks?!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Street Fighter IV Investigation complete!

Apparently, we would be lucky if the game was released on 17th February just like release date, A strong confident answer from Game Center and Markaz Kuwait has been giving.

Game Center: One Week when the whole stuff arrives, Street Fighter IV and Arcade's sticks will be included.

Markaz Kuwait: We will release after 3 days from the Official release date, call it few days early and we will confirm it.

So at 16th I will ask them, if it was released, or will release, I will announce it.

Who want to challenge me online in street fighter? :P

Thursday, February 5, 2009

is Germany web browser online game, has taken over so many people in Kuwait become addictive, the idea of the game is to build a village, you upgrade the resources, upgrade the village, to avoid been attacked you join alliance, you send your soldiers against weaker opponents, or in alliance attack, destroy village, or steal resources, of course the game is addictive strategy based.

it's good quick game to kill time, no special requirement needed like in Video Games, and you can join from any place, just enter, log in, and play, no install required, you can meet new friends, you play with your friends, you can send messages to people and you receive messages.

of course, 85% of my friends play it, and I have conversation as if I play, but I don't, and won't, and will never, because I don't need addictive game to waste my time, addictive games works great for broken heart person, can take your mind off your problems too ;p

SEGA's New Portable Hardware (just like Ipod)

A SEGA spokesperson stated last year, "The VISION is primarily an MP4 video player with some basic games functionality, and not a new handheld gaming machine."

The portable media player got a recent airing at ATEI coin-op and amusement show in London. It's about the size of a 30GB iPod and isn't game ready.

The credit card sized SEGA VISION has 2GB of on-board memory and can play AVI and MP4 video files, MP3s, radio, television and eBook/text. There's a still 1.3 megapixel camera and voice recorder as well.

yegoolek Sega emsawya Jihaz a7la mn Ipod, oo 7jm kebeer, bss 2GB memory da5ely, ya3ny 95% ra7 yekoon feeh DS memory aw memory stick methal mal Sony, bss etha sawo portable ra7 yenbaa3.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Best Buy will make their employee dressed like a zombie, and make the store like haunting house, only in MARCH 13th night for Resident Evil 5 release, that won't happen in Kuwait, if it would of happen, they bring balloons and clowns, because in Kuwait they don't believe in rating age games.

it has been bugging me, how children get their hands on games that contain sexual or violent scenes such as Grand Thief Auto, and God of War of course the guy who sells care less about ethics , or they allowed to use internet and there are pedophiles and sexual predators.

for example this sexual predator was cought who use XBOX LIVE to located kids


I know a Sexual Predator in Kuwait and has a girlfriend, actually there is two (other is married), and both who I have on my PS3 ID, he tells the people that Qualitynet is the best ISP for video games, and locate their addresses (from his forum get their IP) through his girlfriend which she works for Qualitynet, he even went to a boy's house waited outside and told him to get out, leaving suspicious he brought few of his friends to make it sound innocent, he only interested in meeting boys ten years and more younger than him.

If you have a cousin, nephew, siblings, or whatever and their parents like either has no knowledge about video games, or internet, or too busy to check after them, you should always monitoring them.

checking their emails, checking their phones , checking their friends type, making sure what movie they should watch, making sure what video game they play.



here is an explaining for U.S.A games-rates.. "ESRB" is the ones who rate them

and this is "PEGI" the European games rating

and you can check this blog for more information about Games rates

I choose the games for my sibling and cousins to play, i let them play FPS and won't let them play GTA or fallout3, I let them play RPG, but I make sure it is rated for kids.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not even when I'm sick

Guess what? for the first TIME ever I almost fell for a trick, well I did fall for it, but my heart was not like really accepting it, stuff does not adds up, but it took me just a nap and email spam to realize the truth.

I'm currently have a fever, I should be lay down on bed, I can't think straight, because my head IS FREAKING DOES NOT WORK! THE FUCKING THING THAT REALLY PISSING ME OFF HOW I JUST ALLOWED MYSELF TO FELL FOR THE TRICK!

If only I was not SICK i couldn't of fell for it, and it wouldn't of take me time to realize it.

I'm going to take a shower and then go do my stuff, and give thinking, should I allow her to use me, or should I just screw her around, usually when I'm not so sick and not on this asshole status, i would just let it go, now I don't think there is sign of goodness inside.

after 2 hours.

Well, i don't think i'll waste my time on such bitch, she ain't worth it, i'll just let her take what she wants and just forget her existance.

Square Enix's new MMORPG: Codename Rapture

I'm not sure if this MMORPG will be better than previous one or just fails miserably, but I'm pretty sure if it was great, I'll join it, with some of my group!, everything will be announce in E3 2009 that would be from 2-4 June 2009, who knows I might be at the E3 this year! :p

in 2005 SE has announced new MMORPG, and later on they said code name is Rapture, so far it is called Final Fantasy XI-II, sequare enix didn't denied or confirm the title, in however so far what was confirm in 2007 that it will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, and windows, and this game is developed in Crystal Tools which is used for Final Fantasy XIII

Sunday, February 1, 2009

zangief and dhalsim are back

بعد ما بدلوهم بستريت فايتر3 ...

زنجيف ودالسيم ردوا!!

راح ترد الايام اللي كنا نقعد لين الفير بالديوانيه... ايام ثيرد سترايك

كل اللي تسمعه هدوكن وشوريوكن وسب صاحبي لما يخسر وايد لول

على فكره الفديو اللي فوق اول حلقه.. في وايد حلقات

يمووت من الضحك..

في حلقه بايسون يخلي هوندا يسوي لايبوسكشن عشان ينتحل شخصيه ريو لوول

Hitler on killzone 2 positive reviews!!

الفلم كان من أفلامي المفضله

اخترب للأبد لول

كل زون 2 شكلها ماراح تخيب الآمال

راح تنزل


توقع تقاها بالرحاب قبل اسبوع من هالتاريخ