Sunday, December 7, 2008

خدمة تأجير الألعاب في الكويت بدأت

this information is by caveman007

قبل كم يوم تم افتتاح موقع كاكوي لتأجير الألعاب, فكرته جميله وبسيطه مثل موقع جيم فلاي في امريكا. بس تدفع اشتراك شهري وتقدر تأجر الألعاب على كيفك, والتوصيل لبيتك, صاحب الموقع صاحبي ووده يسوي شيئ يديد في السوق الكويتي واتمنى له التوفيق...على فكره صاحب المشروع عضو في المنتدى

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Fencer Darkwind said...

It sounds good but this isn't for me. I prefer to own games.

Neoark said...

lol, me2, but sounds good for people who wanna finish games and throw them

Bashar said...

Yes indeed I liked the idea. All the best of luck.

I believe he can go a bit lower on the price, since he's only selling the rental service and no physical item.

What's bad mentally is the urge to finish more games in less time I would say. It would take me further from life. And I will have to end up retiring like someone else ;)

Neoark said...

retired? >.>;

salah said...

Long time Neoark, shloonek? ;)

bel tawfeej for your friend, and I'm more interested to see how is he going to work it in Kuwait.

Again bel tawfeej for him.

Neoark said...

he's not my friend, caveman007's friend

thanks anyway ;p