Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to be a hardcore gamer

A motto my friends pick as a joke "Never give up, never lose to despair, I will clean the ring from all evil!" from Tiger Mask II in Arabic dub, the main idea of that is never to give up, and keep trying.

there are many ways to learn, so many uses


there is walkthrough for games in that site, making it easier, of course, a hardcore will never use it, but some games like versus or soccer, where you challenge your friend, hardcores check for tips and hidden moves and combo.


you can view other players playing a certain game, and you can learn from observing them.

so my methods are simple
play the game on easy mode, then each time you play it go level harder, first you observe the whole game, second you memorize it and play it, third time you got used to it, and know every single detail, fourth time you are confident about it.

a hardcore will play hard and above, my method kinda makes you see the story first then enjoy finish it on every level.

for a hardcore you have to put your pride on line, as if it was matter of life and death, where the adrenaline flows your vain and make you act quickly, yet you have to accept defeat and won't be pissed off, it's just a game.

keep in mind that no matter how good you get in any game, there is someone always better than you, which is why you need a rival, or find someone to set as goal and try your best to reach his level.

if you got tips of how to be hardcore gamer, post it

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