Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I met this person Fencer Darkwind, he usually checks my blog, then we chatted online, afterwards we meet, spend over 5 hours having conversation with him, he recently joined TopDark through this blog, and let me tell ya, the guy love to get 100% playing any RPG, he was watched anime since 1996, and he uses linux, hates Microsoft, i mean isnt this what a friend should be!!

we can enjoy having a drink share our hatred towards Microsoft! if you said developers 3 times you get a wish >.>

i can't wait going out with him again, I might take my friend crooger to meet him too, i bet they won't stop talking about stuff.

although i wish alkaizer meet him too, i might come up with something ;p

i'll head to sleep without eating dinner ;_;


ice_nana said...

brng yur hardisc too me!

Anonymous said...

Dude, there's plenty of people like him who like Games + Anime + Linux (or Mac). Hint: they also have blogs


Neoark said...

yeah, YOU! one of them >.>

anti-MicroSoft FTW :D

still ryuga or p-chan best character in ranma ;p

Neoark said...

sammy, go to hell!

Fencer Darkwind said...

Heh. I'm honored to have a blog post about me :P

Neoark said...

honor is mine meeting ya ;p

you should be honored! first person i meet from my blog *winks*