Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oil is around $40

The oil price drop, but the overprice in Kuwait hasn't, up until now they used the excuse of priced oil to jack up the price, but since the oil isn't that expensive, will the prices in Kuwait drops? or will remain same even though their excuse is just gone.

as you can see, prices of oil has drop, and dollar has raised a bit.

which is why it was announce that OPEC cuts oil output by 2.2 million barrels a day trying to make price stays at $80.


eshda3wa said...

the only perk of having an economic crises is prices dropping

lail7een ma shift wala shay drop

Neoark said...

hathi alkuwait 9al 3ala alneby~

Anonymous said...

Its here too, I think its everywhere. Gas prices have went from $5/gallon to $1.50/g but the prices are still sky rocketing. Allah b3een...

Neoark said...

that's because whenever there is a reason for jumping prices they take, for otherwise will take time to slowly drop.

in Kuwait, gas price is the same, I dunno how they use the excuse of that to sky rocketing the prices.

for example, a video game sold between $30-$60 in Kuwait between $70-$100.

A car sold around 10 thousand k.d in USA however in Kuwait 25 thousand k.d

go to UAE you'll find it cheaper there.