Friday, December 5, 2008

Got SMS to get my VIVA number!

what should I do, should I cancel my number and take viva? or keep it?

for people who suffer in waiting line, i'll go pick it in 5 minute, i have a trick in my sleeve and i won't say how, i'll take a shower, then head there, today is friday are they even open in morning?
They said I could of taken it from there, the picture I posted is Saleel El Jahra, as you can see the deisgne is just like Red Palace (القصر الاحمر) which also exists in Jahra, most of Malls in Jahra has cultured designe which is a tourist attraction, tourist don't want to see kuwaities in jeans and polo shirt, they want to see kuwaities in their cultured uniforme, to explorer our culture, to find something interesting, weird, and none like in other continent!
which is why they love emirattes, they still hang on their culture more than us >.>


Cr8ivia said...

did u get it ?
u cant get it from any other branch?

they also sent me a msg to get from jahra ! ishma3na !

Neoark said...

nope, you can get it when it is opened that would be around 4:30pm close at 10pm you can also recieve it through arth el ma3areth 9aalah ragm 8 (meshrif fair ground exhibittion hall 8)

you can get it from any branch just call 102 see it

Fencer Darkwind said...

Keep yours, better :D

Neoark said...

lol, my new number is hot! ;p

Bashar said...

I would love to read reviews about their coverage services. They seem to have over spent on marketing, went hard in price war, but I am yet to be impressed by their technology, which is the core really.

Neoark said...

yeah i want more information, sadly i didn't get my viva line today, so i wonder will it be open tomorrow or not or after eid?