Tuesday, March 31, 2009


it's good thing my ideas inspiring others, but thest.net isn't what i am planning for, I am planning for something huge, either success or fail, either ways it would be good run.

there is no worth while games, however if you haven't got those try to get them depend on your taste.

Bioshock, Dead Space, killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Mirror Edge, Prince of persia, Call of Duty 5, Street Fighter IV, Resistance 2, Burnout Paradise, Metalgear Solid 4, eternal sonata

now from here to July only these games might be good, other than a surprise, there is nothing worth waiting for like Resident Evil 5 or Metal Gear Solid 4, we pretty much gonna have boring new generation consoles games from here till July.

games might be good
Bionic Commando, King of Fighters XII, Prototype, Cross Edge(j-RPG)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Next Micro Tournament April 4th!

Written by Quako

Street Fighter 4 2x2 Tournament:

Location: White Tower (Salmiya, near marina mall)

Date: Friday April 4th (there was delay from 3rd to 4th)

Time: 7PM

Entry fee: 2kd per player

Reward: 50kd (each 25k.d)

Console: PS3

Game: StreetFighter4

Tournament Rules:

  • 2 players per team
  • 3 Rounds, loser out
  • semi-finals/finals 2 rounds x best of 3 games
  • All players must keep the character throughout the tournament.
  • In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.

ST LIVE!: no

Matches Recorded: yes

For more info call: 97939721

To register on this tournament click here!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Congratulations Yousif(King)!

Written by Quako

With only 10 dedicated contenders, we decided to change the rules of the tournament and divide the players into 2 groups to battle each other using a league point system, and only 2 players from each group can qualify to the semi-finals and then compete in the final.

After gaining a perfect score in the 2nd group qualifiers, Yousif (King) has won our first ST 3rd strike tournament as well as the prize.

Never the less i would like to thank Jawad(white tower crew), Ali(Inzow) and all the spectators who showed up to support this event and hopefully encourage our competitive gaming community.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PES2009 official Tournament!! middle east!

The First Official Konami PES Cup is in the Middle East and all fans of the worlds best soccer game will come together to compete against each other for a Chevrolet
Cruze Car.

All you need to do is register online and show up at your respective stages with your original PAL copy of PES 09 (any format) as an entry pass and showcase your skills, tactics and wits in this beautiful game of football.

1. Round 1 & 2 will consist of a10 minute match
2. Quarter/ Semi will consist of a 15 minute match
3. Final will consist of a 30 minute match
4. The Winner of each stop will win a prize to the value of AED 5000
5. The Winner of each stop will get an air ticket (2 tickets if winner is under 18) +
accommodation in Dubai
6. Runners Up will get Free Games + Sponsors gifts
7. The Winner of the Grand Final will receive a Chevrolet Cruze Car

To talk about this subject click here!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Next Micro Tournament

Written by Quako
Sunday, 22 March 2009 21:25

Yep, StreetFighter 3rd strike will be our next event.

Tournament Info:

Location: White Tower (Salmiya, near marina mall)

Date:Friday 27th March


Entry fee:3kd

Reward:Gift certificate to buy from the white tower video game shop. (amount undecided)

Console: PS3

Game:SF 3rd Strike

Tournament Rules:

  • 2 Rounds, loser out
  • semi-finals/finals 2 rounds x best of 3 games
  • All players must keep the character throughout the tournament, but may change super art.

ST LIVE!: no

Matches Recorded: yes

Contact: 97939721

to join tournament join here!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

did you miss the SF4 tournament, you can still watch replay here!

I learned my lesson, I should of brought my controller..., atleast i wouldn't jump out of blue in mid air and punch :P

some of the fights that was held!

Caveman007 is the Most Valuable Player

ST Tier1

Neoark(Akuma) x Nistel(Ryu) (I was only one who was able to get ultimate finishing on akuma)

Morphis(Zangief) x Croger(Guile) (crooger says, in doubt I sonic boom!)

Caveman(Rufus)x Classic(Akuma) (best fight ever, look at the last minute of fight )

ST Tier2

Inzow(Cammy)x Kamui(Ryu) (I wanted to fight inzow... and beat his Cammy..)

Slayman(chun-lee)x Croger(Guile) (chun-li still can beat guile)

ST Tier3

Ganoon(Blanka)x Nistel(Ryu) (Nistel had fun run, but he couldn't beat Ganoon)

ST Semi-Finals

Griffith(Ryu) x Caveman(Rufus) (caveman always get nervous when he almost get first place, which is why he lost here and in Tekken Baroue tournament)

ST Finals
Griffith(Ryu)x Ganoon(Blanka) (no matter what, Blanka always kicks Ryu's butt)

to watch more videos of fights and how things gone, please register on thest.net

Friday, March 20, 2009

LIVE!! SF4 tournament NOW!!

I lost, but there is over 30 guys here, quacko, nestl, froggy, classic, crooger, sogeking and me.

the matches is live... i lost first round :(

wish crooger can play...

to watch it live please click here for live stream


girls...CHEER ME!!!


Winner: Ganoon (blanka)

From 22 participaters, more details will be posted later including pictures and stuff, it was awesome gameplay, success, and further more...

the June big tournament winner will go to japan to represent Kuwait, on Capcom expenses.

register at www.thest.net for participating in upcomming tournaments which will proadcast live.

there will be rapidshare or something similar for the matches if you miss it and want in high quality.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

[Event]SF4 2nd tournament (Friday march 20th)

Quako (slemaaan) has made a private street fighter tournament, he has announce there will be no fees, free participates, and will be broadcast live, it's a small tournament that has been set until the big tournament in JUNE , which he will make soon, please contact Sleeeman for registering.

Next friday (march 20th) we're gonna host another SF4 Tournament, here are the details:

Console: PS3
Type: 1x1
Rules: 3 rounds(best of 5)
Time: 7pm
Place: Surra (dewaneyatna ;p)
Contact: my number 97939721 if you want to join

Participants so far:

Matches will be recorded/broadcast live!

To watch it LIVE! click here!

for details and registering for the fight join here

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Street Fighter IV tournament

Take your time training, canceling-attacks and making new combos, known that you will be the champion of the SF4 grumpy tournament, the time is near. practice harder. practice daily, and make sure to spread the word around, the more participates the more champion has meaning.

The Console: PS3
The controllers: Ps3 controller (unless you bring your arcade stick)
The time: 90-60sec
the rounds: 3 rounds (the one you pick 5 rounds)
The place held tournament: In Re7ab - Hawalli
The register fees: unknown
The register time: unknown

prize: undecided, depends on the registers.

I think we should make a trophy for the winner, well if the participates a lot, a trophy should be made and has #1 in it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Rapid-Recharge Lithium Battery

It will recharge only 30 seconds, imagine you can recharge anything in 30 second, no more wires plugin waiting like 15 minute to recharge your dead phone!!!

Materials scientists at MIT report that they’ve invented a new kind of lithium-ion battery that can fully charge or discharge in seconds instead of minutes. If commercialized, the battery could allow future hybrid cars to rapidly recharge their batteries, or it may lead to new consumer products, the scientists say.

Batteries have a high-energy but low-power density. That is, they can store a lot of energy but can’t release it quickly. Batteries, such as those used in electric cars, “have a lot of energy, so you can drive at 55 miles per hour for a long time, but the power is low. You can’t accelerate quickly,” says Gerbrand Ceder, professor of materials science and engineering at MIT. Devices called ultracapacitors act in the opposite manner, storing less energy but releasing it in a hurry. The new battery chemistry, invented by Ceder and his graduate student Byoungwoo Kang, gives lithium-ion batteries a performance more akin to that of ultracapacitors.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Killzone 2 - Resident Evil 5 - Street Fighter 5

So, If you want a great game but sucks at offline go and pick Killzone, actually I'd prefer to just get it used, since you won't be able to play online, and that takes the fun of main idea of FPS (first person shooting).

Resident Evil 5 is great game, but COME ON!! I have to play it on easy level, and it is build for hardcore gamers, only thing it require is fixing the 'stand while shoot' thingy, I cannot move if i am aiming, we know it's realistic, but...zombies aren't real :P

I don't understand a million person lived in Racoon city, can't they just bring that era back and play a new character?

I don't like 3D Street Fighter even if it was based on 2D, the size of characters are big, and area is small, and kinda hard to move around, and there is few perry, and each character has certain move, which it sucks if you can't choose..., and the cut scenes done by CHEAP animators, seriously... at least make it CG! DUH!!

it's not better than Street Fighter 3rd strike but it is sure enjoyable to play, by default Tekken 6 is the best Fighting game of new generation, unless KoF has something to show.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

King of Fighters XII on ps3 this summer!


love how they make music with attack, I loved the headbutt, like huge impact with music, like this headbutt is an EPIC one.