Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Video Games for GIRLS

A girl asked me, I should mention a game good for girls, other than Singstar, I'm not pretty sure what games girls like, but I suggest Little Big Planet, a very cute design game, more about creative than video game, where you can create your own level, or play others, all girls around the world love Little Big Planet, and many guys do, but I don't like it one bit.

Check these youtube clips

There is also Heavenly Sword and Tom Rider, but these games kinda action but main hero is female, and girls prefer something cute, there is currently RPG called Eternal Sonata and valkyria chronicles, if girls love RPG then i suggest them, because character design is very cute.

Eternal Sonata

Valkyria Chronicles

Of course there is also Mirror's edge, where you play a girl and all you do is running, guess that's very good practice to run away from bad guys :p

PSN HOME, yup this is like Second Life, for girls who love Sim2, this is the game for them, where you just play around dressing up, having your own apartment change furnishings and clothes, if you love dressing a doll and stuff, I guess HOME is the game for you.

very good, where you and your boyfriend can go play chess, Pool, Bowling, and so on from mini games, or set enjoy chatting, and can use mic if you desire

check this funny video of home dance

many girls prefer wii, and wii fit ;p


sakura-ayshy said...

Hamoody yallah ashtarlyah!!!!!

Neoark said...

later i will inshallah

Karamilah said...

for some reason I don't know I have trouble playing video games, and it is harder when I'm sitting alone and no one is watching or supporting. And if there were people around they will laugh at me all the time because I keep doing wrong stuff and overall jumping or turning whenever the character is jumping or turning.

Ne ways to help improve me to become a better video game player???

Neoark said...

you see, nobody start a pro at any game, each practice and keep practicing until they get good, even hardcore make mistakes and others laugh at it.

there are games where you don't 'lose' like LittleBigPlanet, PSN HOME, and so many Wii games, like Wii fit and others.

if you still want to be improved, I will write a topic "How to be Hardcore video gamer" soon.

Batoul A. said...

I'm currently playing "world of Goo"
will look into those, appreciated :)

Neoark said...

your welcome ^_^

vickyL said...

Well see I find that insulting. I'm a girl and I'm quite happy with Kratos, Snake, Raiden, Hayden Tenno, Dante, etc.
Don't ever give me an FPS though. I die more times than I kill.
But even so, I abhor the cutesyness, and picking Eternal Sonata up off that shelf was surprisingly hard. I only bought it because every review I've read on it says it's fantastic, and I need something to tide me over til Bayonetta comes out.

vickyL said...

Oh yeah, and the Wii fit completely detroys the object of gaming.

Neoark said...

well VickyL I know girls who play RPGs, but in kuwait where this blog belong, girls prefer stuff i mention above.

i'm raising new generation of cute girls and rpg gamers :P

VickyL said...

I will resist the overwhelming army of cutesyness!

Neoark said...

any resistance of cuteness is futile!!