Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Want to try linux?

Fencer Darkwind is currently has open a blog, for Linux news and guides, which will help you learn how work in Linux with simple steps, like installing a program or show chain of commands, if you want a privacy, no Trojans, no viruses, no need for formate your computer every now and then.

for starters I recommend having two partitions one for Windows/Mac and other for Linux, you can use a duel operating systems, no need to start very strong like replacing your operating system.

dunno when he starts, but if you have sharpreader you can subscript in his blog, and wait for him to start, if your happens to be a Linux user and happen to like the idea of teaching many people to use Linux, then contact him.

quick news:
no new releases for video games.
PSN HOME on 11th December.
Tekken 6 possible release on December.
Baroue tekken 6 tournament is at 12th December.
Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS released.
Dragon Quest X will release on wii soon.


Anonymous said...

aby at3alam linux, 9a3b?

Darth Vader said...

I feel disturbance in the Linux

may the Linux be with thy

Neoark said...

anon: with easy 'how to do' don't think so

vader:.... LOL! yal NERD!!

Loolykinns said...


Neoark said...

no, we never were loyal to Microsoft >.>