Sunday, July 26, 2009

car caught burning in salmiya - kuwait heat

There was fire that been caught in parking loot, when I heard it was white car, I feared it was mine, I kinda went to see it, it wasn't mine, saw the firemen around it, but all I know is it is egyptian car who was turning the a/c inside the car, and these are the images of burned car in Salmiya exactly near the Gahwa I attended.

the attribute of helping me to take photo is abdaziz an administrator in Jamarik, he was kind enough to help me have clear view using his car's light, this is him picture below.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


check these awesome mods , which are were customised on the pc version ! and they say pc games for nerds? well duh! it's not like anyone i using the FULL POTENTIAL of the laptop when they spend like 500 kd , jus' for show-offs.
anyway , these mod were made by using free software called GIMP , like PHOTOSHOP . now less talking more showing.

source NSFW