Saturday, November 29, 2008


with baseball bat! and um... make sure you burn her FACE! then break her bones!!

do exactly opposite of islam teaching! :D

islam says.... hit her without damaging her, then you should hit her leaving a damage!
islam says..... hit her not on her face, then hit her on the face! ruin it!!! MAKE IT UGLY!!!
islam says..... as last resort if you feel like you want to hit! do it for lousy reason! or no reason at all!


p.s. joking ;p (in case some not so bright! i made it larger! duh!)

females are allegant creatures that no thousand man can compete with her, seriously, great men came from their mother stomach! been pregnant 9 monthes not to mention birth pain, of course mother has heaven underneath their feet, in heaven people will be called by their name and their mother's name.

I just wanna narrow, I will write down all anti-islamic blogs, which means if someone said bad stuff about islam, i'll just narrow him an islamic-hater, so, we got one islamic hater in bloggers here, we know who ;p

yay me! i'll be called curropted Islamic Rusty Shield! ;d

when i start praying again, then called me, still Curropted Islamic Shiny Shield! :D

if i start then stoped call me... Yet Again Curropted Islamic Need To Be Cleaned Shield!

i should really start praying, i hate forgetting >.>

p.s. for those who dunno what happens in bloggers, solve the mystery or just email me and i'll tell ya


eshda3wa said...

yes u should start praying :)

Neoark said...

i know, but i forget, badboy :(

think-become said...

i like your post, you're a funny person.. glad i visited your blog before going to sleep. nite

Neoark said...

kewl, welcome then!