Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How I gotten into blogging?

Actually, I've been using an old version of blogging, it was called livejournal, way back in 2001, so I'm not new one bit, same features, same idea, same person post and others comment, everything is just the same, only different few benefits and changes on both no need to mention.

so, unless you been doing it before 2001 I AM YOUR SENOR! i started then, however how I start grumpy blog? ;p

i completely forgotten *proud*

this is one of blogs I made evil-Ahmed I was so young full of world destruction dreams ;_; this isn't oldest blog I have, i'm pretty sure of it.

I never started 'blog' even if I had an account, I kept using livejournal for a while, even when I open grumpy I had no idea about safat kuwait blogs, Q8GEEK told me to apply, LATER i realize what it was.

i remember, the reason i put blog, i miss writting my thoughts so much...

and vollia , dats how i start


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Mashallah mashallah mashallah since 2001 X D ..

wow ur an antique now :P j/k allah ya36eek il 3afya ..
N keep up the good work with ur current blog it is intersting one : D

and really liked how u summed it all up in a short post : D

Neoark said...

i dunno how I done that, I usually make like 4 pages posts :p

sogeking777 said...

agool a7mad momken aroo7 weyak lyrab3ek youm el jom3a?

fee nas wajd yegoloon "gool 7ag neo yetheefni"

Ansam said...

few years before i started blogging I always thought I was "TOO cool" to have a blog! Look at me today :-P

Neoark said...

having a blog been 'too cool'?

why you need to have something to be 'too cool', why you need to be cool in the first place!?

i see cute girl now :p

and to me cute is ten times better than cool ;p

sogeking: sure