Thursday, December 18, 2008

at dewaniya

My friends came and pick me up, got a call from games, fatman, me crooger, nana cube, went there, we are like chatting having fun, enjoying our time, playing video games, lol over 12 people around, which is very good, last time i came to same dewaniya was like over 25 person.

i'm showing them beat skip, the chicken scene, really hilarious.

thanks to my friends, i feel kinda better, still would have my BP goes up if i get stressed, i'm gonna enjoy my time here, and tomorrow with doomsday and alkaizer my group, and might as well hang on saturday with in none-games dewaniya x.x


nana cube said...



im in ur blog stealin ur commentg

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Glad 2here that ur having fun : )

enjoy ur time, and try not 2let these little things that happen in life annoy and bother u ; )

have a nice weekend !

Neoark said...

nana cube: when did u....DAMN YOU!

p-anon: thanks appreciated i will try not easy controlling though :(, oh yeah u have nice weekend too