Friday, December 12, 2008


A HOME icon appeared in the ps3, it seemed the server down or something, I cannot get in home, or even started, so i decided to sleep, and wait until tomorrow, i bet so many is having troubles with it, since it just open and so many people is downloading it or something.

so, tomorrow, i might sign in home, after i sign it, i'll return and play CoD5, anyway lately i am bothered....

I have this feeling keeps bothering me, my life is empty, it just grows bigger, i don't understand why, but i feel like i have nothing, living an empty life, i hope this annoying feeling goes away, because it is bothering me.


sogeking_Q8 said...

bro, it works now!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm in on the empty feeling. Am trying to be "positive" isn't working? no but am being positive and saying it is lool.

How much time do you spend in front of your play station? and what are you playing recently?

Neoark said...

optimistic that you are!

not much, 5-10hours a week, and mostly Call of Duty 5 online.

NBQ said...

I have country set as "Kuwait" in my PS3 and Home says: "not available in your region" or something.

Do I need to change the country? How do I do that? Can't seem to change it from the Account Mgmt/Profile? I hope it's not stuck?

Darn this damn CoD5 on-line.. .very addictive (slept after Dawn this morning)... add me when you get a chance: bubadr
What's your PS3 username?

Neoark said...

you need to create new account address in USA, that what you need to play home