Thursday, December 3, 2009

PlayStation One

There are so many people would love to play PSOne games I on other hand convert the games to PSP Form, and just play it on my PSP (which my bro sold...) but if you would like to purchase the console, it is sold used in Rehab available in very cheap price between 15-20k.d, they also have other consoles such as 3DO, DreamCast, Sega Saturn, NeoGeo, N64 and so on. advised only for collectors to purchase it.

Dream Video Game

Recently they announce new Berserk sequel, as well as Inuyasha, but as a BERSERK fan, I'd like to play a game Berserk in the same engine they made Gears of War, true the last game of Berserk released was right after the story of anime ends it wasn't bad, but on my opinion, I think the game will kick ass with GoW engine!, specially when Guts use his great sword to cut down enemy.