Saturday, November 22, 2008

Xbox 360: Yet Another Dark Chaptor

MuerTeQ8 wrote this report about the Xbox 360 and the new RRoD cause of Xbox experience


Microsoft Like To Steal Your Money !!!

More than a week ago, GamingConfidential reported that a Microsoft customer service representative foresaw an outbreak of the Red Ring of Death (RROD) issue once the New Xbox Experience becomes available. While most scoffed at the idea, the prediction held true and MS service lines are white hot with calls from angry customers.

"I hate what the company did this year," says the rep. "They released the New Xbox Experience a few days after the extended warranty period ended for most users and it's tough to explain that to raging callers. How do you say that MS just screwed them all?"

He adds "our bosses really fed us to the lions this time. We're getting everything from crying kids to death threats from angry adults. It's an orgy, I tell ya."

The rep ended the short chat by lamenting how Xbox 360 owners are blaming the update for even the most far-fetched issues. An example, he says, is a call from a 32-year old man claiming that his house's power went out after updating.

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I LOVE AMERICAN COMPANIES !! they know how to kick them when they are down ;p

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