Sunday, November 9, 2008

Call of Duty 5 online personal opinion

It seemed most of the players on the server are from kuwait, how many CoD5 sold in Rehab? the game is amazing, the sniper is easier, or that just me, the weapons are so old, I love picking the pistol looks like Luger, C'mon a LUGER! only high ranks German officers has it! instead of airstrike and halicopter, it's again 'canon'strike and dogs, which you need to kill the dogs, two bites and you die.

the perks are the same, actually there is more, the name of perks changed but same idea, there is an extra perk for vehicals, you can play online for story mode too, the game is realistic, which means if you die from explusion near you, your leg will be flying over your head, blood on your clothes, heck an arm may get chopped. only if u die from direct hit of explusion, which is way better that CoD4, an airstrike and all you get is the charater fall on the ground no blood even as if someone hit him with huge plate! what the hell it's explusion! there suppose to be human parts flying all over places!
my id is neoark25 on ps3, just call me neo ;p
i sometimes play and hear people say weird name and continue playing not noticing! how the hell i know that NEWYORK is me or NORAK! oh well, i am still looking for ps3 to replace my 360, so i can have two ps3!


salah said...

Wow, it really seems that the game is enhanced. Bas how do you feel about the old weapons?

neoark25 said...

great! specially sniper, it's the same just different look :p