Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Last day at war (little story)

This story I wrote long time ago, bad grammar I know, still want someone to teach me grammar..., anyhow enjoy reading it, story about a guy who his family is only 3 year old daughter, his wife died before the war, and he wouldn't even dare making her an orphan, so he avoid conflict with enemy for her sake, although his blood boils for his country, he can't fight it's not an option he has to choose, that when a missile hit his home accidentally killing his daughter and wounding him badly, enjoy reading.

I stand alone on top of rubbles at night, holding a ripped piece of cloth stainned with blood, emotionless, like silent wind, thoughtless like a stone, standing on rubbles that generate fire, slowly boils my blood, I haven't realize that my left arm was missing, I felt no pain, as I kept looking at sky, I heard an enemy voice, that's when my eyeballs moved down to lock on them, that moment was the last second of been sane, that's when a storm of emotions burst, everything become slow, I had a frightening smile that devil would fear, without hesitation I grabbed something shaped like a knife, running towards the enemy, they tried shooting me, but the bullets were slower, I cut one throat as used his gun to kill other three, took their weapons and ammo, I searched the ground for them, hunting them down like animal, using my nose to catch their filthy smell, like tiger who is deeply hungry searching in haste for a meat, I heard a bullet as I was running, the sniper missed me, I shoot where I heard bullet came from, then fond group celebrating I jumped inside killing every single one of them, I had enough bullets for 30 guy, and they were hundred, when I run out of bullets, I kept using my hands smashing their skulls, breaking their necks, hold their hand and aim their gun at them while shooting, as for the last guy, I pulled his eyeballs.

Nothing could clam my heart, that when I dropped at ground feeling weaker, ready to close my eyes forever, thinking how it will be peaceful just by closing my eyes, sleep is good, that when my heart slowly beats, as almost ready to die, I heard a child scream that woke me up, I run towards them, I killed them, one after the other, the child was frozen of fear, to him the enemy wasn't that scary.

That when I saw a firecracker on the sky, my instincts told me to run towards them, I fond sword at museum, or what left of it, I took it, as I kept going there, I saw the enemy celebrating with their leader, wearing that uniform, and these soldiers cheering, I wanted his head, if I had strength I would taken all of their head for her, my precious child.

Without thinking, I rushed towards them, the enemy troop was the only wall between me and him, I used the huge sword to cut them and kept running, making my path, running so fast, I kept chopping one after the other killing, as shield was on my back protecting me, as I finally able to break the troops in half, I jumps then fall on my knees, my head stared at ground, as I see dark consuming my sight, the voices of panic fades, as I felt my back is heavy, the sword held me from falling, the last thing I saw and heard, was him, screaming in fear saying "he is coming to me, he is coming to me!" known he lost his mind, I smirked for two things, one known him lost his mind, and second known that it's my time to die, I said "checkmate".

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