Sunday, November 16, 2008

how to know the girl loves you or not?

If the girl in love with you for real, she will walk like you talk like you, dress like you, mimic you in everything.

If your girl isn't doing that, then she isn't in love with ya one bit.


Evil Knievel said...

who told you that nonesense??

Anonymous said...

no that's called a baby daughter or a stalker.

Neoark said...

It isn't nonesense, it is true.

both baby daughter or stalker are in love with that person.

same goes to others.

Patrick Semaan said...

Somehow, this is a little bit true... :)

If you think of it "i love you for what you are", means the girl likes the guy for the things Neoark gave as examples, so the girl could love the guy so much that she would want to be part of the guy's "stuff".

And vice-versa it apply to the other sex.

Neoark said...

that's a theory >.>

still, I seen girls who had crushes on me, enough to say that roughly translated 'old saying' is true.

salah said...

It's something new to hear, but I can see it as a true fact.

Good one neoark!