Saturday, November 8, 2008

Call of Duty 5

I got Call of Duty 5! unexpectingly amazing, of course the online gameplay, we still play on team deathmatch and believe me, all are kuwaitis in the game, of course the game won't be saved because the game hasn't launch yet.

even without the new guns, the gameplay is just amazing!

I was planning to get resistance 2 but my brothers bought CoD5! (PS3)

I'm playing sniper like i always do, you should see me aim and kill behind the wall!


salah said...

Shayeshney akthar ya Grumpy, 3aleek bel 3afya and 3al baraka.

Get ready to set a match with me when I get it enshalla, I'll give you my details when I get it; which is after I secure a good amount for Milk :P

Anonymous said...

dude is it for pc that you get?

and how much?

Neoark said...

lol, milk! 5eer inshallah, wallah 7ayak on ps3 any time!

i got it for ps3, it's Europe version :p

Neoark said...

oh yeah i paid 20k.d for it

BLaSha said...

yuck, LOL

salah said...

Grumpy, check this out

Neoark said...

blasha! CoD5 isn't yuck! most important thing in this world for me!

Evil Knievel said...

where did you get it?? Still looking for it!

Neoark said...

go to rehab complex, game center, or game station, don't pay over 20k.d for it.

c'mon it's fun!!