Monday, November 24, 2008

I sold Mark a console I bought from Baroue

Actually it seemed shocking that a shop like Baroue would sell an NTSC console for 109k.d I took the chance and sold as many consoles as I could for 135-145k.d, This is the problem in kuwait no one ask around before buying stuff.

and from selling these 360 to people, I bought a 360 then replaced it with PS3, and gotten a HP laptop.

I only buy the console, when they say they'll pick it up from me, so imagine buying it for five minute and then selling it >.>

Well, it is sold 130k.d at amazon then, and Rehab sell it for 170k.d, so actually compare to overprice yeah I sold it cheaper, Baroue then had a special offer then, and I took the chance.

what do you think now about Old Grumpy Neoark? :D thyeeeeeeb 9a7? ;p

there are so many forums for buy and sell, who knows you might make some cash of it.

you can buy cheap stuff and sell it, still can make some amount of profit.

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