Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nuklearpower back in the old days, things were done comic or flashes, we had no youtube, so we search for them to enjoy it, of course this guy talent made 8bit character as combic, he made it funny, he made it readable, even for none-nerds like me!
The story is based on nameless Final Fantasy character, back then when Final Fantasy was made as a last resort where they made the game known they will fail, and discover later, that Squire Soft (Squire Enix currently) made it stop from bankrupt, that will be another post later, the story behind Final Fantasy.
So I fond this video with bad voice quality, but will do fine if your not into reading, if you were click on Nuklearpower and start reading!

It might not be good voice good quality, unlike reading the comic itself,


sogeking_q8 said...

mo hatha ely wareetah lena eb flash gabl kam sanah?

Neoark said...

yup, the same, btw PLAY CoD5!