Saturday, November 15, 2008

Call of Duty cheats

I gotten this pad that has turbo button, and played mimicking one of the cheaters in CoD4, to be honest, the pistol become a sub machine gun, then I made this dot on tv to know where does the sniper shoot, so i would of shoot without aiming.
I couldn't find the aimbot cheat that kid is using, but in CoD5 no cheats released yet, therefore he cannot cheat, which is was going to sell his game for that.
cheater will always be a cheater.
I tried this against sogeking_Q8 (ps3 id) my bro, it works perfectly.
so remember if the you see someone suspecious, he is cheating.


salah said...

I never thought of the dot thing on TV!

It's smart, but cheating!

Neoark said...

yup, so many undirect ways to cheat :p

my favorite is brighten the screen so you can see clearly in the dark!