Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mortal Kombat v.s. DC: reviews 80.4%


PSX Extreme 84.0%

IGN 75.0%

1UP 75.0%

GameSpy 70.0%

GameDaily 80.0%

Giant Bomb 100.0%

ZTGameDomain 84.0%

Cheat Code Central 76.0%

GamePro 80.0%

yup according to gamerankings it gets 80.4% of all famous reviews ratio, I'm not sure if it was underated or overrated but I fond this video that will make you decide.

I think the fight is decent, but the fatality isn't that fun like in classic


sogeking said...

wallah 5oosh blog, 3jebni anime news, agool 3ndi 5oosh anime akteb 3nah!!

Neoark said...

little bro, just give me the anime to watch then i'll post it ;p

sogeking said...

hamoudy, lesh ma etgool ena nes5a el amerekiyah emga6a3ah? edite news