Saturday, November 8, 2008


anyone willing to take my xbox Elite 360 falcon chip not moldified play online, and give me instead a 60gb Playstation 3 japanese , head to head.

so many video games released recently and my brothers won't let me play on my own console!


KTDP said...

just buy a 40gb and swap out a harddisk. Also you can have playstation network accounts with more than one address. I have a jap one for initial D and a US one for everything else.
As far as I know there is no region lock on ps3 games.

Neoark said...

i need japanese to play ps2 games on it, and old 60gb cause old one has motion engine

i need to get 2nd ps3

KTDP said...

just buy an old ps2 off ebay. That's what I did.

Neoark said...

i got ps2 :D

i'm just too lazy to do more work ;p