Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday I shaved my head, my long black brown hair is gone, so yeah i'm bald currently, I'm too lazy to have good haircut, actually i have no time for that.

Tekken Tournament PRIZE
"Prize, for the winner, from what i understood, a Tekken 6 T-Shirt, 75 KD credit points to play in Baroue, and Certificates, and Pictures" since they will bring Street Fighter IV the 75k.d credit points seemed to be interesting!! it is 375 gameplay! since game will be 200 Fils

Flash game 10/10
I fond this addictive game, takes an hour and half to three hours, seemed fun, i really enjoyed it, for flash game it is the best

I hate travian game, I don't mind playing addictive game, but I do mind if that game affect my personal life, and there is timelimit that makes me go back to it in an hour or so, a game that makes me think about it all the time, it's good to keep your mind away from something, but I don't need it.

Just few days ago when my friends using my laptop and connection for it, and I have work the next day and let me stay up midnight, sleep is my favorite hobby, lack of sleep really disturbing for me, so in other words I just have a reason to hate this game even more >.<


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