Friday, November 21, 2008


Thanks for CytonicDevil for this report
Email him at for any information

Yup second winnner is a blogger~

The tournament, went successful, thank God.

Although we might have had some small problems in the beginning, but
everything went well later on.

12 people entered in the tournament.

The winner in 1st place is Ahmed Falachawe.

2nd place came to Abdul Salaam. (CaveMan007)

I thank all the people who entered in the tournament and the effort they
made in. This was a huge success and in the near time and place, more tournament
will take place, with even more variety of games, (Fighting Games).

Although this was just a Mini tournament, hopefully in the near future,
there will be actually a bigger tournament, for Tekken 6, with even a bigger

After 4 weeks it has been said will be another tournament of course the prize is even bigger, as well as other fighting games, hppefully street fighter IV! will be one of them if they got it :D


salah said...

what was the prize?

The Criticizer said...

Nice, congrats for the winner(s).

I hate Street Fighter. Tekken FTW. ;p

Neoark said...

I think some amount of k.d for arcade games, and t-shirt, i didn't go to tournament myself, i have my reasons..

however, rumours will be tournaments on consoles...

no wonder felechawe won, felecha and jahra, only two places you say "he is jahrawi, he is felechawi" ;p

sogeking_Q8 said...

yegoolek enah grand prize 50k.d arcade point, oo t-shirt oo shahadah, sema3tah mn my bro..