Monday, November 10, 2008

PSN HOME: Release Date Is November 19th

yup, nine days left, this is too much, playing Fallout or Resistance 2 or Call of Duty 5, then comes HOME, a huge dosage of games surprisingly at exams is date release, best games release during exams, i wonder why.... hmmm...

anyhow, for those who have no idea what is home, let me show you.

edit: Thursday November 20
bad news, another delay check this news


salah said...


I never thought there would be such thing after this "Second life" game. However, I am pretty sure "House" would be something different; but I can't see it getting successful. Players would easily get bored of the game, but who knows what might happen.

Neoark said...

the difference is, that it's your console avatar where you can play and have fun inside the console, talk to other members of PSN friendlist, and you can play online with them.

I'm not 'home' fan but i want to have good apartment! ;p

salah said...

Hell yea man!