Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Graphic isn't everything

Recently you find people talking about how a game sucks because of graphic, or sucks because of storyline, or sucks because of game play, which actually you can enjoy a game with a lousy graphic, or enjoy a game with worst story ever, or enjoy one with worst game play.

For example, we got GTA, grand theft auto, it has the worst of these three, yet people seemed to enjoy it, so that’s a solid prove that there is soul in the game, not really a soul, but more like something in the game that attract players.

So if you find a retarded that only complains about graphic, and the game is amazing, something wrong on his head, I mean COME ON! The game is totally addictive, and the numbers of players increases massively, I hope this is not another HAZE rumors, HAZE gotten an underrated score that made people assume it’s worst, while actually the game play is enjoyable, and nothing wrong with graphic, score was 4-5 now I’d give that score to Lost Odyssey! Haze would be more of 7.1/10 and anything around 6.5 and above is playable.

Final Fantasy VII is legend, second-best-selling PlayStation game of all-time , Last time I played it six month ago, the graphic is lousy 3D, that from above you assume its 2D you can’t see his hands or how he looks like, except in battle mode, where graphic is decent, but obviously IS NOT THE BEST GRAPHIC NOW! Just check out pictures, that crappy looking game is best RPG there is.

This is how the character looks in PSX

This is a battle mode, where character appear decent

This is a recent movie made for the game, as you can obviously see diffrence

Titles of Games and movies/anime released for Final Fantasy VII

Titles of Games and movies/anime released for Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII PSX main game

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII phone game

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Movie

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII OVA anime

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII PS2 game

Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy VII phone game

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP game

Other games that include Cloud in it!

Itadaki Street Special

Itadaki Street Portable

Chocobo Racing

Final Fantasy Tactics


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts II

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

not to mention the Playstation 3 Demo for FF7 remake


Salah said...

Neoark, even though I agree with you on the "graphics aren't everything," you kind of blew it on GTA.

I know that GTA didn't reach the perfect graphics people wanted, and I know that the missions are repeated in a way or another. However, you can not honestly believe that GTA has "worst of the three."

The game play is very decent with all the weapons, movement, fights, car-crashes, and even the graphics.

The story so far is one of the best ever made for GTA since the first one.

The freedom you have with all the small details included in the game are very exceptional compared to many other games.

My point is, you are right that people shouldn't always count on graphics to decide whether a game is good or not, but they surely need to complain about it.

We need companies not to slack up and just settle for any type of graphics knowing that fans of video games would accept it.

I never played Final Fantasy before (saw a guy playing it though), but I know how good it is. Yet, there should be other games compared to how good it is despite the graphics; but GTA is not one of them.

Cool post Neoark!

Neoark said...

thanks, I was going for Pac-Man!

dude, no offense about GTA, I only prefer the first 2D gameplay, it was fun then.

however for FFVII is the only game that has other releases for it, and main hero include in other games, and it is the second best selling game for 8.4million, first was Grand Turismo.

thanks, next post for MS, so heads up!