Saturday, November 1, 2008

Resistance 2 in Rehab

Yup, saw it on my own eyes, remind me not to stay up till 2am, it's fun yeah, but we suppose to take events differently, anyhow, Resistance 2 should get 10/10 without me even playing it, how can a score be giving before even played, because it's that damn good! wish i could get it, but my car broke down fix it then i'm broke, damn it, i was planning to buy it.

every person should have atleast 100k.d in bank for these stuff, you have no idea if you need it, sadly a spender like many in kuwait, I don't keep money, i spend it.

I need to apply to a university outside kuwait, i need cheap one and very easy, if anyone knows one, please tell me.


salah said...

Yeah, I hate this ugly situation. New game out, can't buy it because you need to buy milk! Then you hate milk for the rest of your life!

Neoark said...

lol, milk is good!

I still have first wave, dead space and fallout 3, need to finish them first then silent hill then Siren.

so pretty much i haven't finished any game that released oct. ;p