Friday, November 14, 2008

xbox 360 traded

Yep, I finally got rid of my brothers, I replaced the xbox 360 for PS3, I feel slightly happy, no offense for xbox 360, I am an Anti-Microsoft! i have pure hatred towards that company.

need CoD4+CoD5

I didn't wanted to own two ps3, but my brothers do not like the 360 and kept annoying me, so whenever i sleep, wake up, eat, i find one of them playing PES2009 in my room which kinda ticks me off.

I will be less grumpy from now on~


I am full awake, no matter what i'll do i'll always have lack of sleep...damn i'm in grumpy mode, what kind of a friend call another after midnight! note to self...KILL FRIENDS!


The Criticizer said...

Care to give one away for free? :P

Neoark said...


you want me to live in hell again!?

Anonymous said...

You remind me of when I used to play those video games. It was fun.

Neoark said...

We aren't so different then, cause I don't play that much anymore

salah said...

So let me get this right; you have ps3 and your bros have Xbox360. They like the ps3 more and started annoying you by coming to your room to play ps3. So you decided to sell the Xbox and buy another PS3 for them so that they won't annoy you any more, right?

Neoark said...

yes, i was the one who got them a 360