Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Microsoft! STOP!

Microsoft lost when they start interests in foregin cheap country workers like india, in other words buisness overboards.

The problem with those indians they aren't bright, they just memorize stuff, so they don't function of developing like japanese, they function of doing it like text book, so they don't know how to fix the problem, because they are lazy so they patch it, include more cover up for holes.

which is why, they have bad image for failing, yet the administration in charge unable to put aside their greed and stupidness and focus on making a prudocts works well.

Btw if they made better job for Xbox 360 i would of been a fan, because they focused on taking care of player's need, heck they gotten most of PS3 exclusive!

Windows 98 best windows for defense, it is function better than XP and Vista, cause then it was something.

In the end, getting apple is good, but Linux is best operating system, because not anyone use it ant it doesn't have glitches like Windows does, so it is harder to be hacked, so if you seen any person using apple's for surfing just point and laugh, cause that machine was build to make best media, not for your own enjoyment, and you still get hacked more than linux, yet less than windows.

that's why i present this video for Microsoft embaressing moments


Anonymous said...

Let me set the record straight, indians are the best developpers available on the market, furthermore, I have no clue where you get your information from. Windows development team is based in Redmond, the only thing outsourced to India are the drivers. So before firing your mouth on something you are ignorant of and demeaning other nationalities, I think you should get the facts straights.

Anonymous said...

that's one angry Indian !!
windows = hell

Linux For The Win !!

Anonymous said...

go learn how to speak english before you label an entire race as not being 'bright'.

Anonymous said...

Sinfuleye, I knew some Moron like yourself will comment that stupidly. For the record, I ain't Indian. Remember your ancestry as 60 percent of Kuwaiti blood is indians, yemeni, saudi, iranian or iraqi. If you want to negate this fact go ask your grandma. For the record India has launched a sattelite to the moon, what did the arab world achieve lately? More Hummos and Kebab.

Neoark said...

Sinfuleye, see, he isn't so bright, he just memorize text book, he even proved people that actually this story is true by saying 'best developers available on market'.

because windows still sucks.

Anonymous said...

Neoark I believe in a simple equation:

1- Perfect computer = No need for a new computer = No more profit and income.

2- computer with a limited age = the need for new computer = non stop profits.

What would Microsoft, Apple, and any other company would choose?

I believe all the compaies would choose the same thing #2 and they will all have to choose the same thing.

otherwise, they would screw themselves by having to spend a lot and compete in a situation where the could have avoided and saved lots and lots of money.

So don't think that Microsoft are stupid for choosing bad labor or whatever. Those are the mastermind companies that business schools teach their students how to be like them.

Neoark said...

we aren't talking about computer, we are talking about the quality of the operating system.

and btw Microsoft is selling software.

HP, Acer, Toshiba etc these are the ones making laptop and PC.

apple make hardware and software.

we are talking about programing.

check out the new Windows Veinna

i'm giving windows one last chance