Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PlayStation 3 80GB 2 games in kuwait

someone has 10 PS3 consoles , new one , with new not opened two game, he is a person who just added me, it seemed this person has been trying his best to sell stuff cheaper than Rehab for a long time, the sad part people would pay extra assuming it is safe, or the fake warrenty would do them good.

Games are released recently these two month, LittleBigPlanet and Mirror Edge

the costs is 155k.d

Rehab sells it for 170k.d

Alghanem sell 40gb with one game so old for 143k.d, guess how much is 80gb?

when he read about me selling 360, he then contact me telling me about his merchandise.

if you have new console, or new games selling it cheaper than others, i will post it here.
cheaper means 15k.d for new game! not 18-25k.d go to hell if u do!


The Criticizer said...

I'm dying to try Little Big Planet but unfortunately I will have to the get the PS3 first. Still I have some more priorities before that as well. :/

Neoark said...

I don't like LBP! ;p

but i heard it's awesome and funny, can't play a game without storyline and damages!

sogeking_q8 said...

yegolek one piece 7ag ps3! 9ej?