Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is next game to play? Grumpy choice

Who wants to play an EPIC RPG game? I know I would!! my game choice for this week is Xenogears! i'll get it and play it epicly ;p

It start when stats of art spaceship get destroyed and survivors live in new born planet for over than thousand years, they lived in that planet since the incident, and the new born think of what happen was myth of legend, giving up hope of returning, and taken new planet as their new home, but evil still lurks, and to fight that evil the story begins with young Fei and his quest.

So, me and some guys decided to choose Xenogears (PS1 converted to PSP) for those who enjoyed Xenosaga on PS2, then you should try Xenogears! it is an amazing RPG game, with great plot story and amazing battle system simple yet amazing.

The game is 3D based, but the character are 2D, for battle system, you get to fight in character and you can fight in your Gears (robot), simple choice of certain buttons combo to make certain move.

Even though this game made 1999 and on Playstation One consider one of best RPG ever released.

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